Walks With Cora : Eden Park Throwback

These pictures popped up in my Timehop from three years ago right before Cora's 2nd birthday. I worked really close to Eden Park so Ben and Cora would meet me for my lunch break and we'd explore different parts of the park. One of our favorite quiet parts was Presidential Grove near the tower. It was a beautiful spring day and Cora loved running around looking at the flowers... and I'm loving looking back at these sweet photos of my little Cora.


Life With Ida : 19 Months

Wow, this month flew by. Ida had her 18 month appointment not long after the 18 month mark and I still can't believe how tiny our Ida is. She's in this stage where some days she seems so tiny and baby-like, but then there are other days where she learns a ton of new things or I take a good look at her and realize how big she is getting. Ben does a really good job of developing our girls' independence at a young age, and this is an age where I really start to see some of the fruits of his labor.

This girl has some of the best mean mugs. She does a lot of smiling, but for some reason I can never capture it on camera... so there is always a little frowning in practically every photo I have of her (hello Easter pics)

Ida loves being outside. She loves to dig in the dirt, run around with Cora and Clovey, and pick at the flowers in our garden. I can't wait for all of the outdoor time and gardening we have in our near future.

We've been doing a lot of coloring lately and Ida is really into scribbling on any paper she can get her hands on. I forgot how much I have to keep my eyes on a toddler coloring... especially a toddler with a sneaky older sister. These two love to be a little sneaky and I've found some scribbles on our walls.

Speaking of sisters, these two are the sweetest!!! Ida loves her big sister and loves to follow her around and play. They're always giggling and rough housing and chasing each other around. They fight a bit, but they get along most of the time. I love their sweet little relationship and can't wait to watch it grow as they get older.
 We're loving Ida's age right now and I can't wait for all of the spring/summer fun coming our way.


Best Salsa Ever

I always get compliments on my salsa, so I finally wrote down the directions for my coworker and thought I'd share here as well. I've found it's best if made ahead of time for everything to marinate overnight, but I still think it's delicious right after preparing. I'd love to hear from you if you try it out.

+ 3 peppers (I use one yellow, one orange, and one red)
+ one can of black beans
+ one red onion
+ 1 T of lemon juice
+ 1/4 T of salt
+ 1/4 T of pepper
+ 1 T of Cajun
+ 1 jar of picante sauce (I get Kroger brand or Pace)

1. Chop up peppers and onions
2. Add a can of black beans. I mostly drain the can, but don't rinse them off.
3. Sprinkle on seasoning and lemon juice. mix everything together.
4. Add the picante salsa
5. Enjoy!

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