A Weekend Full of Snow Days

We had some snowy weather over the weekend and I had Monday and Tuesday off, so we have been enjoying the weather as much as possible. We enjoyed our weekend like it was a big long snow day. We headed outside and play a couple of times, enjoyed hot chocolate, made a big bowl of popcorn and watched movies as we cuddled up in bed together.

This was Ida's first experience with snow and she loved it. We bundled her up by layering her tracksuit over her day-to-day clothes and adding extra layers of socks. We really only stayed out long enough for me to shovel and salt the front steps and pathway, but it was enough for them to get a taste of snow... and by taste of snow, I mean figuratively... not like that time Cora brought a spoon outside so she could eat snow easier.

The first time Ida went out, she was a little hesitant to play in the snow, but she had her big sister there to encourage her and play with. Watching Cora cheer on some of Ida's firsts has been such a fun part of parenting two littles. The second time we went out in the snow, Ida flat out belly flopped onto the ground so she could immediately start playing then sat there digging the whole time.

It was the perfect first snow experience for Ida Rue and a fun snowy weekend for the rest of us. 

See here for Cora's first snow day!


Life With Ida : 16 Months

Ida is getting old and we're enjoying her so much at this stage. Last week, we got her out on a walk without the stroller or backpack. It was fun to see her slowly walk and observe everything around her. She held my hand the entire time and didn't stray from the sidewalk unless she was stomping on old wet leaves. (See more walks at #walkswithida)

I know this wasn't her first Christmas, but it felt like it because she was so young last year. She loved all the lights and music and playing with her new toys. She seems most excited about all the books she received and loves bringing them over to me to read. 
Ida has been doing more babbling and talking this past month. She says "yes" so quietly I can barely hear her. She is funny how she is so quiet most of the time, but then she'll be playing with Cora and running around screaming. It's always so loud that it surprises me coming from such a little quiet baby. They do lots of wrestling on the bed and there is constant giggling and screaming coming from the two of them.  Sidenote: yes, she is drinking from a bottle. We still keep a bottle of water next to the bed so she can help herself during the night.
Baby girl has started pumping her arms to get me to chant. When we go down the steps, she'll pump her arms so I start chanting "go! go! go!". The other day we set up the tent in the living room and she just stood in the middle of the chaos looking at me and pumping her arms. I chanted "tent! tent! tent!" and she just ate it up.
Ida (as always) is a big cuddlebug this month. I love getting home from work and having her run up for a cuddle. She's always lounging in my lap and I love having my hands free to play on my phone. Baby girl was sick most of winter break and when she's sick she wants even more cuddles than usual.
Ida loves to sneak into Ben's room and play music on his computer. She'll put on his headphones and play whatever song was playing last. She loves to steal the wireless mouse and find somewhere nearby to hide it. I love this sweet stinker and she makes me one lucky mommy!


DIY Mudroom Hooks

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This is just a quick post to share an easy DIY and the source for these hooks. Side note: I'm going to start calling our back entryway our mudroom because I don't want to keep calling them both entryways when they're actually two different places.
A couple of months ago, Lindsay from The White Buffalo Styling Co posted about her living room and I loved the hooks she used.  While I loved the ones she used, cheapo me went down a crazy black hole that is the internet and found these hooks and figured I could DIY the rest myself.

Luckily I'm a hoarder and I've been picking up old reclaimed wood through my town's spring cleanup and this place that recycles pallets. Cincinnati peeps, I get tons of wood at Lumber Jack Pallets and there is always stuff out there. They put out whatever pallets that are defective (in terms of recycling and resale, but totally okay for DIY stuff) and label free firewood for the pieces... which makes me assume that they aren't treated with a bunch of chemicals like some pallets. Sometimes there will be some rogue nails or staples in them, but I've snagged tons of pieces that don't have nails in them.

Ben thought it'd be easier to screw the boards into the wall then the hooks. Our hooks screws were slightly longer than our board and we didn't want to poke into our kitchen table. This logically made sense, but the screws that are sent with these hooks are super crappy and we had a lot of issues with them immediately stripping. I would 100% recommend getting your own screws for these hooks which I plan to do for the remaining 4 hooks. Having lower hooks for Cora to hang her book bag and coats herself has already helped out a lot and we're loving the switch up from the previous hooks.

We'll eventually get this area painted and probably replace the back door, but I'm loving the little functional upgrade for the space. Having lower hooks for Cora to hang her book bag and coats herself has already helped out a lot with the coat and bag clutter.
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