Awesome Cardboard House

We frequently order from Amazon and I try to put as many boxes to good use as I can, so when this giant box came in over the weekend it was a no-brainer what we should do with it.  Ben and I quickly built this little house out of a couple boxes and Cora ooohed and aaahed over the little additions we added like window boxes, door handles, and her one of her all-time favorites... a mail slot.
Craft-loving me decided to step it up a notch and have some fun painting the house with Cora, so the following morning I broke out a couple of colors and we went to town.  Cora had a blast painting and a couple minutes in she stated "it's good to paint with my mommy". 

This turned out surprisingly better than we thought it would and it is much nicer to look at than a large eyesore of a cardboard box.  Cora has started decorating the inside with a lot of stickers and a picture she found of me, my mom and sister.  I'm kind of wishing that we had made this out of something a little bit more permanent, but it was fun to make and we'll come up with something better once we move to our next place.

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