Vegetable Garden : Growth and Veggies

The summer growing season is over and we cleaned out our garden and I thought I'd reflect back on this season.  Last time I shared about our garden, we built two more beds and started a bunch of seeds. Almost everything we planted this year seemed to do really well... which I'm sure was mostly just luck.  I tried to take a step back and water less, but we were also really busy this summer so I let the garden do it's thang.

Once the veggies started growing (late June?) we started harvesting them on a fairly regular basis. I liked to try and walk around the garden at least every other day to get some outdoor time and take a peek at the garden progress. I would harvest anything that looked mostly ripe so we could wash and eat (or share) that week.

I was out front one day and saw that our tree had something that looked like fruit. I shared a picture on Instagram and asked whether I should eat it (I tried it before I even got any feedback). One of my friends said it looked kind of like a Cherry Plum and they used to eat them out of their yard all of the time.  Well my taste-test didn't poison me, so we picked more and the girls loved them! Not sure if we'll have these plums every year (according to the internet, they need to be pollinated and I don't see a similar tree close to us), but we enjoyed it for this year.

This year was really fun because the girls were really into helping. The girls both loved to water the plants, spot baby veggies, harvest, and help carry our veggies in/wash them. We spent a lot of afternoons having our afternoon snacks next to the garden, which made that little spot of our yard that much more special.

This year, we started growing sunflowers. I purchased this variety pack of sunflowers (affiliate link) and it was fun to watch them grow and see what we would get. I originally planned to plant them all along our fence, but it turns out there were a lot of bricks, rocks, and broken glass along the fence so clearing it out was a much bigger project than I anticipated. I only planted sunflowers along one little section of our fence so we could get a feel for how to grow them. We got a range of colors and sizes and the girls loved checking out the flowers when we were back there.

Overall, I would say this was a very successful garden season. We got a lot of veggies, enjoyed the process, and learned a lot.  We're already looking forward to next year with some plans to build some paths between the garden beds, come up with some structure for the vining plants to grow on, and hopefully clear more space along the fence.


Life With Ida : 3 Years

Ida Rue is turning 3 yesterday! It feels like time has been flying, but when I look back on her 1 year and 2 year updates it seems like it was so long ago. Even just the last month was so full of new things.
Ida started preschool a last week. She can be clingy sometimes, so I wasn't sure if she would love it or cry when we left... turns out she loves it! When we dropped her off on her first day of school, she ran off to do some activities without even looking back. When I picked her up, she gushed about all her new friends and told me "I love my school!"
She is my little magnet and always loves to be by my side. Since I've been spending more time at home lately, we get to spend lots of time together. Ida loves to help out and chat or just sit there and cuddle. Sometimes when we're eating next to each other, she will reach her arm out and just rest her hand on my arm because she wants to cuddle at all times. ... and just when I think she is a momma's girl, she sees her dad and is all over him cuddling and playing. Ida gets to spend a lot of time with Ben during the day and they love to play and listen to music.

My little Ida loves to be outside. She jumps at any chance to get outside and run around. She likes to go on walks, help with the garden, run around with Clovey, picnic near the garden, and observe nature.

We spent a good amount of time this summer at the pool and Ida was quite the fishy. She was timid at first, but soon became excited for our weekly trips. We had play dates most weeks and she loved to run around with Cora's friends and their siblings.
Ida is really into reading. She will bring us books throughout the day and loves to cuddle up and read whenever she can. 
Happy birthday Ida Rue! You are such a light in our lives and a joy to watch grow.


Sharon Woods Outing

When we got back from vacation, I scheduled a couple of days off to readjust to our life at home (laundry, groceries, prepping for school, etc) and enjoy some of our last summer days together. We still had a long Summer to-do list so we figured we'd cross a thing or two off our list with my extra days off. One of our favorite chill nature adventures is to go on is to Sharon Woods. 

The Gorge Trail is a nice woodsy hike that is easy for the girls. Ida walked a bit and rode in the backpack a bit. They liked checking out the different overlooks, pointing out lots of nature things... and begging to go check play in the creek. 

It was a fun little adventure with the girls. I love that this is close to home and makes for the perfect outdoory adventure. 


Wisconsin Vacation

We made our yearly journey to our family cottage in Wisconsin at the end of July. We packed up the girls Friday evening and drove overnight to arrive around breakfast Saturday morning. The girls were so excited to spend the week hanging out at the cottage and swimming.
Each morning, we would putz around the yard and enjoy the quiet mornings. One of the mornings, my dad, Ida, and I went over to the neighbor's yard and walked around their boardwalk area. There are mounds of moss all over the ground and it is so neat. I would love to have a moss garden like that.

Cora learned to swim this summer, so she was most looking forward to swimming in the lake. She swam all day every day. As soon as it was warm-ish enough to swim, she would be suited up and ready to go. Ida would take a bit longer to warm up to the water, but also loved spending our afternoons in the water.

Towards the end of our vacation, we took our army of kayaks out and Ida really loved riding along on kayak adventures. There is a little cove close to our cottage and I love going over there and checking out the lily pads.

Cora was always off hanging out with my parents and brother, so I spent a lot of one-on-one time with Ida... which is also why most of my pictures are of Ida. I loved getting to spend so much time with her goofy self and watching her enjoy everything the cottage has to offer.

Towards the end of the week, my Aunt and Uncle invited us over to pick blueberries at their cottage. Cora loved running around grabbing all of the berries in sight... and Ida loved tasting all of the blueberries.

We had a wonderful relaxing week. The girls had the best time running around, swimming, and enjoying all of the family together time.

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