Weaving For The Girls' Room

An ongoing goal for me over the last 6 months has been working on finding projects I can work on in teeny tiny increments (think 5-30 minutes). Back in October, I felt the urge to get back into weaving, so I got to work. Cora was hanging around when I started this piece, so she picked this pink color and asked if this could be for her room. I worked on this in 30 minute increments over a week or so, then finished it up in January. Because I was working on this mostly at nights and during the middle of winter, the picture quality is all over the place... but that is not my biggest priority.  I always love seeing people's progress pictures, so here you go...

This is when I should have been finished according to my 'plan', but it just didn't feel right to me. I let this sit for a couple days before adding the black stripe on the top...then let it sit for a month or two before I decided it was for sure finished. 

Since I finished this up during the middle of winter, I wasn't super excited to head out and look for a stick to hang this on. During a walk in January, I decided to keep an eye out and found the perfect stick in front of our friends' house. I cleaned off the stick, trimmed it down, and attached the weaving.

Cora loved the final piece and kept mentioning how much it looks like a dress. I found the perfect spot in my favorite little corner of the girls' room.


Charleston Falls Preserve

Ben is a courier and he'll occasionally get a job that works out timing-wise where we can all tag along. This weekend he got a job up to Dayton and I quickly Googled what there is to do and see there. Generally I'm looking for something that is easy and isn't going to cost a lot of money. I landed on Charleston Falls Preserve. It looks beautiful, it's free, and it wasn't going to take too much time. I packed the backpack carrier and snacks and we were on our way within 30 minutes.

The girls were excited to get out of the car by the time we arrived. The walk to the falls was short and easy and there was no complaining from anyone in our family (which never happens). Ida oohed and aahed over a couple different things along the walk (mostly dogs) and Cora kept saying how much she liked nature.

It was misty and cold, so we didn't stay long. This was a perfect little pit stop adventure for us, but I'm also looking forward to coming back for a longer trip when it's a little bit warmer.


Learning New Skills : Embroidery

My aunt makes the cutest embroidered hand towels (you can see her Santa one in my holiday post) and this has been a craft I've been wanting to learn lately, so I asked her to teach me. She taught me to cross stitch when I was little, so I remember a bit from that. We picked up some supplies and she showed me some of the basic stitches to get me started. My aunt chuckled at the retro themed patterns I picked out (this includes a cassette tape, roller skates, and much more), but I knew this radio would be perfect for Ben. After a bit of practicing the basic stitches, I got to work.

This piece probably could have been done at this point, but I also really love embroidery art that is completely filled in so I kept going. I started to fill some of the smaller pieces. I liked how it was progressing so I just went ahead and filled in everything I could.

Once I could see the end in sight, I hunkered down and finished up the piece while the girls were watching a movie (probably Incredibles 2 again). I'm still working on finding the right framing solution for this, but it is fun to have the piece finished.

I'm going to take a little break before my next piece, but I love perusing through #modernembroidery to see some other fun projects. Also, check out one of my favorite embroidery artists Danielle Clough on Instagram


Basement Stairwell : The Beginning

We have been super busy the last month or so with work, dealing with a frozen pipe/water leak (more on that another time), and just day-to-day stuff that comes with both of us working full time and having two kids. I'm trying to get back into blogging regularly and catching up on sharing some of the projects I've been working on over the last two months.
I have no true before pictures of this space, but believe me when I say it was pretty creepy. The walls were dark green/gray and splotchy and it was overall just dingy. This isn't a space that sees much traffic, so it is super low on the list of priorities.
There was a bunch of leftover paint in the pan whenever I was working on another space like painting the girls' room doors, priming the bathroom, or painting the dining room (more on the last two soon). As I was bringing the paint to rinse off in the utility sink (in the basement) I knew it was such a waste to just rinse it down the drain. I decided to take any extra paint in the pan and roll it on the walls in the stairwell. None of it matched and I didn't do a thorough job painting, but I was able to brighten up the space a bit with materials that most people would get rid of.
My main use for this space is to go in and out multiple times a day when I take the dog out. I was hanging all of the dog stuff (leashes, bags, etc) and my coats all on these two little peg hooks that came with the house. I knew I needed to make this space more functional, but had very little budget to do so.

I grabbed an extra shelf from Ben's studio space aka former walk-in closet (see before here), an old fishing basket I got from my Grandpa (for plastic bags), and purchased a dog hook from IKEA. It took less than 30 minutes to hang everything up and make this space sooo much more functional.
This space still isn't much to look at, but it works for me for now while I cross off other things on my home to-do list.

+ Patch the walls
+ Paint the dog hook white and brown like Clovey
+ Update lighting/electrical
+ Fix and paint the door
+ Install smart locks 
+ Paint? Wallpaper?
+ Make cute curtains for the door


Snow Days

There has been quite a bit of snow over the last couple of days and we're loving all of the extra outdoor time. Saturday, the girls were at my parent's house for most of the morning so I had lots of extra time to shovel the steps, walkway, and driveway. When we got home from my parent's house, we played on the patio for a bit before having friends over for hot chocolate. We leaned into that hibernation feeling and spent the evening hanging around and watching movies.

Sunday morning, we woke up and found a whole lot more snow. We had a couple things to do in the morning and we could hardly wait to get outside to play. The walks to and from the car were very slow and involved a lot of snow stomping. After lunchtime, we bundled up and headed outside. Cora got a snowball maker from my parents, so we spent a lot of time throwing snowballs at the fence. The girls spent most of the time just stomping around the backyard making as many footprints as possible. Ben and I had a heated snowball fight and it was hilarious to watch the girls cheer us on and try to help.

Monday was a long day at work and I wanted nothing more than to get outside for a walk. We walked a little bit down the street, but the girls just wanted to stomp through everybody's yards. We headed to our backyard to throw snowballs and watch the sunset. Playing in the snow is always best when followed by hot chocolate and pizza picnics in front of a movie... so that's exactly what we did.

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