More puppy pictures.

 This week has been exhausting.  I've been helping BC pack, list stuff on Craigslist, and get ready for him moving in general.  The most tiring thing this week has been little Clove.  We've been going on lots of walks, visiting people, and a lot of playing!
Neighborhood crime watch.  If the door is open, she's checking everyone out.
She just spotted her least favorite tiny puppy...
... then growls until she can no longer see it.
How can you not love this:
I have a busy weekend planned with babysitting, a day trip to Columbus, helping move, and (hopefully) some kind of artsy/craftsy project.


Puppy Clove

Remember my post last week about the puppy?  Well, both BC and I were thinking about her all week, so we went back this past weekend and BC wanted to foster her.  This weekend/week has been so much fun with playing, cuddling, and taking her for walks.
Sleepy after all of our walks
With BC at Ault Park
Her previous names were Aubrey and Ellie, but she decided she didn't want to answer to either of those.  We changed her name to Clover because we first met her on St. Patrick's day.  We also like to call her Clove for short (yes, from Hunger Games).  She responds well to it, which is a huge turnaround from her old names that she just ignored.
Living the puppy dream!
I'm not really sure what kind of dog she is, but I'm almost positive there is some Jack Russell Terrier in there and possibly some pitbull, boxer, and/or american bulldog.  I would be interested to find out though because people are always asking what kind of dog she is.  Clove is 8 or 9 months and has already been responding to training really well.
She is so cuddly!
She spent Tuesday with Jazz and they had a lot of play time.  While I was making dinner, I realized that Clove is missing.  After a quick search, I find her in her crate already asleep.


"It's going to be a big, big, big day!"

In honor of the release of The Hunger Games movie, I will dedicate today's post to Hunger Games.

I bought this book last week and had to try really hard to make it last more than one day.  The Girl Who Was on Fire is a book compiled of essays from a dozen writers.  The writers discuss different themes of the series and answer some unresolved questions.  I definitely recommend reading this! 

 Jennifer Lawrence is hilarious!  Check out this interview with David Letterman:

For Pinterest users, check out Katherine's Hunger Games Board.  This is currently my favorite board She is constantly adding pins (already over 2,000), and there are rarely repeats.
Does that mean I'm from the Capitol?
This is war
just renacting the Hunger Games
Peeta on Capital Couture
May the odds be ever in your favor


Ault Park & Puppies

After this weekend, Ault park is my favorite Cincinnati park for hiking.  BC and I were going to just stop by and walk around looking at the views, but we found some trails that we decided to check out.  The trails went off into the woods and it was super pretty.  BC says it looks like what he pictured the arena in Hunger Games would look like.  Of course, that lead to a lot of Hunger Game references.

My memory filled up before we got on the trails, but here are some pics of the rest of the park:

BC and I spent a couple hours this weekend playing with puppies.  We played with some of the dogs that are up for adoption at Oakley Petsmart.  We ended up staying for quite a while taking all of the dogs for walks (literally!).  We even went back Sunday and visited them a second time.  I can't wait to get a puppy someday!  This was our favorite puppy:
Dream house Rescue
Anyways, the weekend was pretty busy running around with hiking, working out, playing with puppies, and a couple crafty things that will be posted later this week.


Golden Skies

I've renamed (more like named for the first time) my blog.  feedback encouraged!

One of the reasons I came up with the name, is the draw I have towards the color gold.  Recently, I've been putting Gold accents on a lot of things and feel that I'm being inspired by the color.  While watching History Channel, I've learned the ancient cultures believed that gold was a divine, indestructible metal connected to the sun.  Some cultures even believed it had healing powers and would ingest it.  It was something that was very coveted. 

Another reason, is that I love the sunrises and sunsets.  The summer after high school, my friends and I would go up to the elementary playground every evening and watch the sunset and hang out.  The next summer, I was driving home from work every day during the sunset and got to enjoy a lot of great views.

Here are some of my favorite golden sunsets:


Eden Park

A couple days this week, BC and I have gone to Eden Park for my lunch break.  It is only five minutes from my work and a couple minutes from his house, so we can get there pretty quickly and have almost an hour to enjoy the nice weather.  There are a lot of different places in the park that we can go so it feels like we're in a different park each time. 
 The 'pond' was drained (for cleaning?) so we watched the ducks and geese walking and slipping around the muddy ground.  There were a couple sassy ducks and geese trying to start fights with each other.
The next day we went, we ate at another part of the park called Presidential Grove.  After eating, we walked around on a couple of the pathways.
 There was a tree with each United States President's name on it.
water tower
 Today, we went to another overlook of Cincinnati, then walked back towards the Presidential Grove and took the paths that we couldn't get to the the other day. I got some more detailed shots of the tower.  I really like the stone carving of a lion.
There is still so much more of the park to explore.  I have a feeling that I will be making a lot of lunchtime visits there with all of this nice weather.

Have a great weekend!


Sewing Machine

My mom told me she bought this sewing machine before I was born to make stuff for my crib.  I'm pretty sure 23 years of use is a good lifespan for a sewing machine.  I was trying to use it last week and it wouldn't catch.  After an hour of fiddling with it, the machine started to smoke.  I was afraid it was going to burst into flames.  I'm a little nostalgic and have a hard time getting rid of things, but I think it's time.  Rest in Peace!
On the bright side, I just bought this NEW sewing machine on sale for $89.99 at Hancock Fabrics!  I bought it blindly without doing any research, but was pleased when I came home and found a lot of positive reviews online.
This morning, I walked out of my room to find my roommate's cat trying to claim the machine for herself.
"Dis iz mah sewin machine!"
I swear it is her purpose in life to find ways to scare me early in the morning.  Anyways...  Stay tuned for my sewing projects in the future!


To-do List

So many projects, so little time!  I have a majority of the materials for these projects, but I just need to get around to it.  Here is some inspiration/ideas for my future projects:

1.  Filing Cabinet Makeover - black body with damask wallpaper on front.  Haven't decided which wallpaper though.  I have two different colors in the same pattern.  white and silver vs. turquoise and goldish/tan (or maybe it's silver, I can't remember)
2. Painted Vases - I really like the different shades of turquoise... also considering gold, red, deep purple, or yellow.  update ::  bottle upcycle 1, 2, and 3... not exactly what I envisioned when making the to-do list, but this is what I ended up with.
Painted Vases
Painted Vase
3. Wall Art - I'm getting tired of my bare walls!  Interested in doing all three of these ideas.  I have some good landscape pictures with a lot of vibrant colors, a ton of National Geographic magazines for collages, and some great fabric from Africa.  update :: see this Pollock inspired piece.
Pixel Painting
Collage Silhouette
Fabric Wrapped Styrofoam
4. Coasters - Eight is not enough!  Planning on making some more of these as gifts... Or becoming a hoarder.  Both seem like good options.
National Geographic
5. T-shirt Blanket - I don't have any pictures for this one yet, but I wanted to put it on the list to give me some accountability.  I already have at least 40 shirts on the blanket and I'm really looking forward to this being finished.  update :: I finally finished it!  Check it out!

6. Zippered Bags - I want to learn how to sew zippers so this is a little bit of a stretch compared to the other projects since I don't have all of the skills needed.  I also need a new makeup bag since I spilled Nyquil all over my old one (and it was almost 8 years old).
Zipper Pouch
Boxy Cosmetic Box
Wish me luck!

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