Pillow Envelope

Saturday, I went to IKEA and got two FJÄDRAR inner cushions for about $7 each.  I understood the concept for pillow envelopes and had a little plan, but I also found this great tutorial that gives better step by step instructions for pillow covers.  I grabbed my African fabric that I used for my fabric key chain and inspiration for this painting.
I made this for two pillow envelopes so I made a template the size of the pillow and cut two of those (left pieces).  Then I cut two pieces a little longer and cut those pieces in half to get the smaller pieces.  Hem a longer edge on the smaller pieces and then line up and sew all of the pieces together.
It probably took about 40 minutes total with all of the cutting, ironing, pinning and sewing.  The final pillows make a big impact for the small amount of time it took for me to make them.  I will be looking for some coordinating fabric to cover some of my other pillows.  This was so easy!
Of course, it passes the Clove inspection.
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