DIY No Sew Baby Headband

       +rectangle about 3" x 6"
       +a bunch of small triangles with sides about 1/2"-2" (does not have to be precise)
+hot glue gun
+elastic (I purchased mine from this Etsy shop)

1. Pinch triangle so the midpoint of the triangle comes to a point
2. Hot glue the point to the rectangle
3.Cover one third of the rectangle (covered area should be about 3" x 2"
4. Determine the length of elastic needed and hot glue ends together
5. Covering the glued ends, start gluing the non-covered end of the rectangle while wrapping it around the elastic.  You should end with the spiky part on the outside overlapping where you started gluing the rectangle.

This is so easy to do, and looks better when you are a little 'messier' with it.  No need to make perfect cuts.  This takes about 15 minutes overall.

I added these to my Etsy shop if you're interested in purchasing a headband with this fabric.


Baby Quilt

I mentioned this tutorial in my nursery inspiration and knew I would make it as soon as I saw it.  I purchased the fabric that Caroline suggested in her tutorial and made the front of the quilt.  I separated the squares into four different shades instead of three like she suggested in the tutorial.  I also decided I wanted my final quilt to be around 40" x 50" ish so I cut 64 squares knowing I'd only needed 63 of them in the end.  I finished up the front about a week before Cora was born.
For backing fabric, I wanted color and pattern so I decided on this fabric from Spoonflower.  I procrastinated a couple months before I basted the quilt, but it was easier than I thought it would be.  I read through a bunch of different random sites for tips to baste.  Here is a pretty good resource that is pretty similar to what I did except a couple differences...  Instead of taping to a hard surface, I used a straight pin and pinned it to the carpet.  I also just used regular safety pins.
Using some of my African fabric, I followed this binding tutorial.  I cut my fabric strips about four inches wide, so that after all of the folding, they would be about one inch wide on the finished quilt.  I wasn't very precise with my cutting because I knew I could make binding consistent with the folding/ironing.  A day or two later I added on the binding.
Here is the final quilt:

This project was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be.  The big hold up was just procrastination and thinking that it would be more difficult and time consuming than it actually was. That being said, I will probably never even attempt a full size quilt.  This was the perfect size quilt to work on without it being overwhelming.  And because everyone likes a picture of a cuddly baby...


Watercolor Thank You

I made some thank you cards that coordinate with these shower invites.  Using one of my other bird sketches, I added in the bubble/words, printed off at Kinkos, and painted.  Here are some of the final cards:
It definitely passes the Clove test...


DIY Fabric Book Cover

Just a quick little DIY I did last week.  My bible is like 10 years old and was a little rough looking so I thought it would get a small makeover.
I decided to use some of my African fabric since Africa is special to my journey (yes, the fabric I used hereherehere, and here... I promise I am almost out of the fabric if you're tired of seeing it).  I used the old school book covering method, but with fabric.  Lots of ironing, hot-gluing, and a little sewing-of-the-edges later here is what it looked like:


Life With Cora :: 5 Months

I got to bring Cora into work with me for a half day on her 5 month 'birthday'.  She was the best baby ever!  My coworkers were all impressed with how friendly she was and how little she whined.  I loved getting to spend the extra time with her and watching how she reacts in a new environment.

She is my favorite Snapchat subject.
We started her on 'real food' at the end of this month.  We just got her some rice cereal, but she has enjoyed it so far.  She likes to grab my hand with the spoon and bring it towards her mouth (kind of like she does with a bottle).  She is also starting to really enjoy splashing around during her bath time.
Also, she is completely in love with her Daddy and always wants to be around him.  I love watching them play and cuddle with each other.  She is definitely Daddy's little girl.
This has probably been my favorite age so far  I know I always say this, but I've really loved watching Cora grow and learn this month.  Her personality is really developing and she is always 'talking' and rolling around playing.  Even on the days she doesn't sleep a lot, she is very generous with her smiles.


Friends & Zoo

I know I am super late on posting this, but I've been kinda busy with work, crafts, and generally living life.  I wanted to share some pictures from the super fun weekend we had last weekend.
Saturday, I met up with Margaret for a long lunch  then hung out with Sammie in a perfectly timed switch-off (seriously, as soon as Margaret had to leave, Sammie was walking up to meet us).  Sammie and I were going to go to the zoo, but there happened to be some kind of walk and it seemed incredibly crowded and the parking was bad.  Instead of the zoo, we went down to Eden park and walked around Mirror Lake a couple times just catching up.  Before we knew it, it was 5 o'clock and I figured I should get my baby home at some point.

I was right about needing to get Cora home because she fell asleep as soon as we got home and slept 13 hours!!!  I wish I could sleep that long.  Ben and I got to enjoy some dinner/tv/hangout time while Cora was sleeping.  I also was able to cut out some strips for the quilt binding (more on that soon).

Since Cora and I didn't get to go to the zoo on Saturday, we met up with my parents on Sunday and had a zoo-filled morning.  It was complete opposite of the day before and there was barely anybody there.
the many faces of Cora

Mama lion and her cub

Cora and Grandma

After the zoo, we went over to my parent's house for lunch and the Bengals game.  Afternoon naps.  Indian dinner with Margaret.  And the weekend was over.
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