Conversations With Cora : Part IV

I haven't done this since before Ida was born, but I wanted to share some of my favorites from the last couple months...
Me: What do we celebrate on Thanksgiving?
Cora: FOOD!!!
Me: What are you thankful for?
Cora: Food, cleaning the floor, and our new house

'reading' a fortune cookie "You are going to be happy!"

We were having dinner at my parent's house and the lights were dimmed and out of nowhere Cora lifts her hands up and starts saying "I'm a zoooombie....  braaaains!"

My mom and Cora were talking about my grandpa in heaven (one of her favorite topics) and she asked if my mom was sad about it.  My mom said she was sad... then Cora says "yeah, I feel sad when my tv turns off."

My mom was sick and Cora was over there hanging out with my brother.  She went up to talk to my mom and my mom told them to have fun when they left the room... and Cora said "Have fun hanging by yourself Honey!"

"I gotta go to the doctor... cause I'm gonna throw up... all over the baby's face!"

"Ida said her first word!  She said 'I love my sister Cora Jean!!!'"
At the park one of the Dad's commented on her Elsa outfit "I'm not Elsa, it's just a costume" and did a major eye roll.

LIQUID = licorice
BIDEO = Video
SAMPLE STORE = Sam's club

Cora: Do I smell like cuties?!
Me: yes (I wanna see where this is going)
Cora: yeah cause I'm orange (insert her little eye roll duh face)

After working hard on his office for at least a week:
Ben: Cora, what do you think of my office?
Cora: Not Good

I love all of the laughter this girl has brought into our lives.


Walks With Cora : Our Cry Date

I generally tend to gloss over most of the difficult parts of parenting when I'm sharing on social media because nobody wants to hear about my kid crying because I wouldn't let her wear 6 shirts to the grocery store or how I had to wash my sheets 3 times this week because of both children having accidents. I don't really enjoy complaining and I don't want to 'blast' my child's issues to the world.. so while my kids are pretty good most of the time they definitely have their moments and tantrums. Both Cora and I have been missing our one-on-one time now that Ida isn't napping as much.  I made a point to get some alone time with Cora, but it wasn't the most enjoyable.  Eventually she calmed down and we got a little bit of chatting and walking in.  

Towards the end of our walk, I asked her what she wanted to call our dates and she whispered with a little whine "cry dates"... later she told me she just wanted to call it a date, but I think I want to stick with calling our time together Cry Dates.

Despite the annoying parts of our walk, it was still nice to get out with Cora just the two of us.  Now that Ida is getting a little older, I want to make more of an effort to go on these dates and make sure Cora really knows how much I enjoy our time together.

She's been really into wearing her 3 year old shirt and I can't believe how much she has changed since the first time she wore it (see her 3rd birthday pictures here). Cora turns 4 next week, so I'm spending a lot of time this week thinking about life with Cora and getting super excited for the upcoming celebrations.

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Baby Quilt For Ida

Back when I made Cora's quilt, I bought enough gradient fabric and backing fabric to make two quilts.  I'd always planned on making one to coordinate with hers and was hoping that it would be for a sibling.  When I found out I was pregnant with Ida, the intention was to make this so she could join it through out the Winter while she was a baby.  Instead, I spent my free time making some quilts for gifts and packing for our move.  When Spring arrived, all the urgent stuff on my to-do list was finished and I finally got some time to work on Ida's quilt.  I'm not sure if I didn't order enough of the gradient quilt or I couldn't find it all, but I ended up having to add some other fabric in.  I had this black fabric and some gray fabric with white triangles that fit in perfectly.  It only took me about half a day to finish the front (this included cutting, pinning, ironing, sewing, and watching two children).

I let it sit for a couple days until I could buy some new batting... then I quilted the piece in an evening.  I was almost finished quilting and I broke my last needle. Not having a needle pushed me off schedule for a little bit, but it gave me some time to work on some other projects.

While I took a little break, I tried to figure out what kind of binding I wanted to use.  I was torn between using the same African wax print fabric that I used for Cora's and this floral fabric that I fell in love with right before I found out I was pregnant.  I even shared my issue with Facebook and Instagram. Everyone brought up great points, but I ended up letting Cora pick and we went with the African wax print.

I made the binding and sewed it all up one evening when Cora was at the grandparent's house.  It was fun to have Ida sitting right there while I was finishing up her quilt (something I never did with Cora's).  She was immediately in love with it and kept making excited noises whenever I let her cuddle with it. There were a couple spots that needed some repair after I washed it, so I just did a visible stitch and love that it adds a little more texture.  

Ida is pretty quiet, but the moment I gave her the finished quilt, she was squawking and squealing and so happy to have it.  I can't wait to see her wrapped up in this quilt in the the coming years.

To see more of my quilts, check out my first quilt (Cora's) here and two coordinating quilts that I made for my nephew and my friend's son here.


Trips to the Park

I'm trying to do some more every day type posts because those had been my favorite to look back on... and I haven't gotten too many projects done lately so it's this or nothing. 
When I get home from work, we try and get some outside time.  Almost every evening it starts as a little walk and almost every evening we end up at this park.  It's the perfect age-appropriate playground for Cora and we've met so many people here.  I recently started putting Ida in the swing and she is in love.  She giggles and laughs and loves when Cora is paying attention to her.  We rarely get the park to ourselves so I snapped some pictures yesterday when it was just us.

I love how even when we do the same route or go at the same time, each day/walk is so completely different.  These evening walks are some of my favorite parts of the week.

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Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was pretty great this year.  We had a lot of activities planned, which is so different than our normally slow weekends.  We got the weekend started off with an exciting trip to Sam's club Friday evening.  We don't do much on weekday evenings, so this was a fun outing for all.  The girls sat in the cart together and enjoyed trying some of the samples.  It was a fun evening and gave me a little glimpse of the adventures we will have in the future since up until now Ida pretty much just rode along in the backpack.

Saturday, I woke up early along with Ida and we putzed around the house doing chores and hanging out. We had plans to dye eggs with my mom around 11:30 so we got ready for that and waited... and waited... and waited.  It was around 11:40 and was wondering where she was so we gave her a call. Right when I was about to ask when she was coming over, she said "So... are you guys coming over?" There was some kind of mixup about where we were going to be doing it, so the girls and I jumped in the car and headed over to dye eggs. It was a lot of fun color mixing and trying out some different things and Cora enjoyed dyeing all of the eggs all the colors (hello purple/gray eggs).  Egg-dyeing was followed by lunch and sitting out on the deck enjoying the weather.

We all headed to my house and walked over to the neighborhood Easter egg hunt.  My parent hung out with Ida and the stroller while I followed Cora around.  She was in the 1-3 age group, so she ran around like a maniac and crushed it.  She got quite a bit of eggs before I even noticed how many she had and reigned her in.  She loved picking up the eggs and opening each one to find the candy, then we headed home.

Cora and our neighbor's grandson spent the next couple of hours hanging out outside and digging in dirt.  I had fun chatting with the neighbor and enjoying the weather.  The rest of the evening was spent hanging around the house, taking baths, and cuddling.  When the girls were asleep, Ben and I got the Easter basket setup (we gave her a thing of Peeps, a Twix candy bar, and 7 eggs full of M&Ms, jelly beans, or coins) and drew a little picture of a bunny for Cora.  We stayed up late chatting and trying all of the random flavors of jelly beans.

Sunday morning, I woke up early (typical) and did some more chores and let the dog out.  Welp, Clovey ran away and I spent about 30 minutes walking around looking for her.  Normally when she runs away she comes back on her own within 15 minutes so I got a little worried when she took too long to come back.  I pushed back my church plans to see if she would come back before and she didn't.  Turns out one of the neighbors down the street grabbed her and posted on the neighborhood site saying that she found a dog.  My aunt saw the post and picked her up for me and brought her to my house while I was at church.

The girls and I went to church and did their annual graveyard Easter egg hunt.  There weren't many kids this year so everyone got A LOT of eggs.  Cora loved hanging out with her cousins and going to Sunday school during the service.  Ida just slept in the backpack the whole time.

After church, we had our family Easter celebration at my aunts house.  It was fun to hang out with our family and hold the babies and just spend some time with each other. Cora was in heaven running around all day with her cousins.

The rest of the day was spent hanging out around our house, cuddles, baths, and rough housing.  We had an end-of-a-sugar-filled-day breakdown, but got a good amount of cuddles and a movie in.  It was such a great weekend and so fun to watch Cora enjoy some new traditions and made me really excited for next year to experience some new traditions with Ida actively participating.
Happy Easter friends!
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