Saturday Morning Routines

Saturday morning has always been one of my favorite parts of the week.  It has such promise with the upcoming weekend, but is always relaxed and refreshing.  I've always tried to wake up early on Saturdays to get some quiet time before Cora wakes up.  Ben is usually up (just getting back from work) during that time so we get to catch up and discuss what we want to do that weekend and goals for the week.  An hour or so later, Ben heads out to our neighborhood courts to play some pickup basketball for a couple of hours while I get some more quiet time and morning cuddles with Cora. We'll slowly get ready and I walk the mile to meet Ben. Cora loves watching her dad play basketball and play on the new playground they put in. Whenever Ben is finished, we all head to lunch together. It isn't super exciting or adventurous, but it's a fun little routine that the three of us can cherish during this time of busyness and change.  


Baby Quilts

My sister and college roommate are both expecting (my sister just had her babe), so I wanted to make something special for them.  I don't have a lot of money and love making things, so getting a handmade gift from me is pretty much a given.  I was inspired by a quilt that Rad&Happy made (sidenote: if you aren't following her on IG, then you need to... I pretty much love everything she's done and sums up the anxiousness of gifting quilts in this post perfectly).  I made a couple size changes and added lots more color and pattern.
I stuck with blues for my college roommate's quilt.  I loved the monochromatic look and she said they were keeping their nursery more neutral and blue colors.  I went with the green thread mostly because I couldn't find my blue thread and already had the green on my machine, but I like the small hint of another color that isn't very obvious.

For my sister's quilt, I went with the green border to go with her nursery... I was worried it might be too neon green, but it ended up being the perfect match.  I added the blue tabs mostly to fix a binding mistake I made, but I love the color blocking and it adds a little something else to the quilt... so a happy accident :).  I also used black crosshatched fabric on the back of this one instead of the gray I used on the other one.  No real rhyme or reason, I just bought enough of each for one quilt because I loved them both and couldn't decide on just one.

I started these around the end of March and worked in small increments (usually my Thursday nights when Cora is at her grandparents) finishing just in time for their showers in early June.  These are only my third and fourth quilts I've made (see my first here), but I loved working on these knowing they would be wrapped around babies that I love.  Now I just need to work on a quilt for my own baby.

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