Easter Weekend Happenings

While we generally try to keep our planned activities to a minimum, this week was jam-packed.  By the end of the weekend we were all exhausted, but the good kind of we-really-had-an-amazing-weekend exhausted.
Saturday started out with Cora's gymnastics lessons.  She just started these a couple of weeks ago and is the youngest on in her class, but is still able to easily execute all of the exercises.
After gymnastics, we went to the Easter egg hunt at her school  Each kid was allowed to grab 6 eggs and 1 special golden egg.  They exchanged the six eggs to the Easter bunny for a bag of goodies and got to keep the golden egg.  Cora is obsessed with the gold egg (she calls it a gold pear) and has been carrying it around with her all weekend.  Cora wasn't super interested in the Easter bunny, but did spend quite a bit of time later wondering whose dad was in the bunny costume.

After the Easter egg hunt we headed up to Columbus.  We met up and had an early dinner with my college roommate/friend and had and husband.  While technology these days has really helped people stay in touch, there is nothing like good old face-to-face catching up.

Sunday, we headed to a quick Easter egg hunt in the graveyard and then the church with the family. After church, we spent the afternoon eating good food and hanging out with the family.  Cora is finally at an age that she can run around with the older cousins, so it was a little more relaxing for me and Ben.

After all the festivities, Ben, Cora, and I had a lazy evening at home playing Cora's new easter game, chatting, and having tickle fights.  Perfect way to end a busy weekend.

Check me out on Instagram to see a couple quick videos of Cora's egg hunts here and here
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Conversations With Cora

I may be a little bit biased, but Cora is one funny kid.  She's always loves to make people laugh, so now that she talks all of the time she says some pretty funny stuff.  I usually text myself whatever funny/cute thing she says or make a quick drawing in my planner so I don't forget.  Here are a couple of my favorites from the last couple months:

Whenever she is asking nicely for something, she says "ma'am I...?" instead of "may I...?"

"I am berry thirsty... my tongue wants some water!"

We had a couple cookies and I shared a bunch of mine with Cora
Me: Can I have a bite of your cookie?
Cora: No... it's too small :(
Me: but I shared all of mine with you...
Cora:  yeah.. I ate yours all up!!! hahahaha nom nom nom

"I am not a princess... I am a... KING!"

Pushing the fridge door open and letting it hit her in the back...
Cora: (angry face) QUIT PUSHING ME!!!

"Give you a kiss?  Maaaaybeee... no!  That is not a good idea."

Ben: Can I have a bite?
Cora: You eat yours!  I eat mine!

Every time she's eating anything
Cora: Did you buy these (nola bars, fruit snacks, cookies)?! Thank you Momma!  You are the best!

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