Mint Oreo Truffles

I learned how to make these from my friend Lindsey a few years ago.  I've seen a couple things on Pinterest for Mint Truffles, but I didn't really read into those recipes much.  It seemed easier to just substitute in mint cookies instead of using food coloring, mint flavoring, etc.  These are for some family events so I made the recipe x 3.  Normal recipe can make 2-3 dozen.

1 box of mint oreos (off brand works!)
1 bar of cream cheese
1 package of candy coating (vanilla)

Crush all of the cookies (save one or two to crush on top of the truffle if desired)

Add the cream cheese and mix it all together (should be creamy).

Roll little balls of the mixture, place on wax paper, and put in fridge or freezer to cool.

Melt the candy coating and roll some of the chilled oreo balls in the coating.

Sprinkle some of the leftover cookies on top and pop it back in the fridge.



It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

My first Christmas in the "real world".  Since leaving my parents home, I've never lived anywhere that we decorated for Christmas.   My roommate has a lot of Christmas decorations and I got my first Christmas stockings (one of them is in the middle on the picture below).  My Aunt received them from my grandmother, but was no longer using them so decided to pass them along.  My Aunt and Uncle also gave me a holiday poinsettia.

I was able to enjoy one of my favorite Cincinnati Christmas events... Festival of Lights!  BC and I went on a half off day so it was EXTREMELY crowded, but it was still really good.  We had a good time enjoying the animals, light displays, roasted almonds (or warm nuts... I swear there was a sign that said that), some salt water taffy, and Christmas music.  My favorite part is the 'swan lake' where the lights change to the music.

Crossroads, the church I've been attending, puts on a big production for the holidays.  The tickets are free and the show is so good!  BC and I went on opening night.  I was a little tired from working all day, but the show really surpassed my expectations.  A couple days later, I took my grandpa to the show.  We spent some time out in the lobby enjoying hot chocolate and kettle corn while taking in the surroundings.  Since I had seen the show two days earlier, I already knew everything that was going to happen, but I was blown away a second time.  I found myself glancing at Boppa to see how he liked it.  Besides catching him falling asleep a couple of times, he seemed to really enjoy it. 

Ghetto Christmas presents > FABULOUS!!! (don't you love the Santa head?!)
Merry Christmas!


All I remember from November

I thought I would get at least have one post for November.  Updates: I'm still working for the same company.  A couple weeks ago, I showed up to the last day of work and they asked me to stay for another six weeks.  I couldn't say no. 

Among my many adventures this month, BC and I went to a used bookstore and found these Laser discs.  They look like giant DVDs.  We had no idea what they were until we were checking out.  They are basically like DVDs, but GIANT!  You also have to flip or switch the disc during the movie.  I found the movie Hook for $2 and bought it for my brother.  BC bought a couple to hang up in his living room.  Aren't they ridiculous looking?!
We also hit up one of my favorite thrift stores and spent $6 and some change on 2 t-shirts, 6 frames, 2 pairs of glasses, a small mirror, and a skinny turqoise belt.  I've already done some painting and will post some more of my little projects another day.

Thanksgiving was very good!  We only had 14 people this year so it was more intimate than usual.  We ate TONS of good food and then played Michael Jackson dance game and Just Dance 2 on Wii for a couple hours.  I was sore for three days after all that dancing.

On Friday, BC and I got Indian (yum!) with Jazz.  On the way to my house, BC and I decided to just stop into Target (despite my fear of Black Friday) to see if there were any good deals that I couldn't resist...  Apparently I thought there were more than $300 worth of good deals because I came out of the store with a full cart.  I also saved $180.  This Black Friday thing just might be growing on me...

Back from break, I'm doing my usual and Pinning and I find this Pin for Punjammies.  They are made by women in India rescued from forced prostitution seeking to rebuild their lives. Proceeds provide fair-trade wages, savings accounts, and holistic recovery care.  I checked out the site and now I'm pretty much obsessed.  I must have them!  I bought two pairs for Christmas presents and had to force myself not to purchase one for myself.  They even have a Holiday weekend sale with free shipping.  I also found this video:

Check out International Princess Project for more information, projects, blogs, etc.

Another relevant video showing some block printing:

This post is all over the place, but that's all I have for now.


Milk Glass

I have this old clear glass from my grandparent's cottage that was kind of scuffed up and not really clear anymore.  So, I turned to this tutorial for DIY Milk Glass.
Right before I started, I remembered I had these Geese patterned containers in my trunk that I used for flour and sugar (I think they were from my parent's wedding).  I decided they needed a makeover.
I made sure to wash them all and took off the metal and rubber parts of the containers and went for the spray paint.  I also bought this little spray paint gun thing that makes it a little easier to paint (no cramping fingers on bigger painting jobs).  It was only $2.99 and works pretty well.
I sprayed the containers with the lids on so that they can still be used to store baking stuff in.  I did two or three coats each and sanding drips off between coats.  Here are the final products:


Lemon Bars

Lemon Bars are one of my favorite desserts and I found this recipe on Pinterest that only calls for two ingredients... Angel Food cake mix and a can of lemon pie filling.
 Mix the two ingredients together and bake @ 350 in a 9x13 for 20 minutes.
[sprinkle on powdered sugar]

The recipe calls for a can, but this was the only pie filling I could find on such short notice.  There was a little too much pie filling so the final product was a little more pie than cake.  It was still delicious and I will definitely need to try the actual recipe soon... or just repeat this.



Last week, BC [the bf] and I decided to go on walk around the neighborhood since the weather was nice.  We were passing over a little bridge and I glimpsed a little bit of graffiti down this waterway thing. I saw a bunch of pipes with this water [I hope] coming out of it.  I was just thinking about how cool it would be if someone put a face there and then I saw this!

This is some of the newest graffiti.  The colors are insane!  It kind of looks like two chickens fighting with a foot stomping on them.

This Beroki guy had a ton of stuff down there.  Not sure if these are from the same person.  The faces are my favorite!

Super excited about checking out the new stuff people put down there in the future!


Hello and Good Morning!

I just wanted to make sure there was something on my blog since I'm about to have millions of followers. ;] So, I am starting this blog to keep track of friends I don't see every day, projects I'm working on, and adventures I'm having.

Stuff to look forward to:
  • makeovers of furniture/home stuff and crafts
  • some kind of adventures
  • complaining about grown up life
  • cool things I find on the internet
  • ... and that's about it

I'm off to spend the rest of my workday reading Buildings that Changed the World [It is so good that I nearly forgot about my lunch break yesterday.] and pinning!

ps.  I need suggestions for a cool blog name.
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