Fall Walks With Cora

I've mentioned this before, but Cora and I try to get out on a walk on our street almost every day. Some days our walks last 5 minutes and some days I have to drag Cora in for dinner.  Yesterday, was one of those drag-Cora-in-for-dinner days, but I'm not complaining.  Cora finds so much excitement in ever little thing.  Cora got so excited to see a squirrel sitting on the fence that we paused for a couple minutes to watch it sit there and run around, then we focused our attention on a single leaf falling from a tree.  She also crouched down and squawked as she searched for noisy birds in the bushes.  It is so fun to experience things through the eyes of a child. Fall has brought so many fun things to discover and I'm looking forward to more fall activities.

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Fall Leaves

It all started during my first year of college...  We had an assignment in our color class to collect leaves and create a collage.  This was always one of my favorite projects because it involved nature and color (and positive feedback from my professor and classmates always helps).  We collected leaves for a couple weeks and I used pages I pulled out from my hoard of National Geographic magazines.  Below is the project that I turned in.  The photo quality is poor because these photos are from 7 years ago, but tilt your head to the left and you get the gist of what it looked like when it was hanging up for critique... that and the one on the bottom (far right) is supposed to be flipped 180 degrees.
Now every year when fall rolls around, I always find myself walking with my eyes searching through the leaves on the ground for that perfect leaf.  Clove and I went on a walk while Cora was napping and I took the extra baby-free time to collect a couple leaves, remember my days in art school, and snap some pictures.

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