Baby Weavings

After finishing my 'large' weavings (see here and here), I decided to make a small loom that I could make little baby weavings and practice some different techniques.  The smaller weavings are nice to try out some different color schemes and ideas before I commit to a larger more time consuming weaving.
I was inspired by all of the mountains on our trip to Bethesda, Maryland and made this small weaving.  I think this would look better if I had more of a gradient for the mountains, but I was working with what I had.  This was my first piece that I was working with more of a free form pattern than my other straight/geometric weavings.  I would love to make a larger weaving with this idea.
Sidenote: I LOVE this mountain weaving that WillowBrookeDesign just shared on Instagram.

For this weaving, I wanted to try out the loop technique.  I ended up liking the back of this weaving better than the front, but I really enjoy the added texture that this loop technique brings in.  Also, the turquoise/yellow color combo is something I've always loved

This weaving was inspired by a date night sunset.  The sunset was reflecting off of the windows of a building and created this step like pattern contrasting with the dark building.  I love this one because it reminds me of that date night and Ben says this is his favorite.  We have this hanging in our living room gallery wall, so we see it practically 24/7.

I just went with the flow for this weaving.  I started with the fringe using some scrap yarn and then finished off the body pretty quickly with the fluffy white yarn.  I've seen some pieces like this around Instagram, so this is nothing unique.  I loved that this took such a short amount of time (something I don't have a lot of these days) and the finished product is pretty cute.
Which one is your favorite baby weaving?  Where is the most random place you've found inspiration?


Snow Days

We've had quite a few snow days here in Cincinnati over the last month, so Cora got to play in the snow for the first time. She made grumpy faces the first time she touched snow, but she loved watching it from the window so we knew we needed to get her out there to play.  We don't really have snow gear for her because we didn't want to waste the money if it wasn't going to snow this year.  We ended up just doubling up her pants and socks (her sweatsuit was great for the snow) and brought out extra socks for her hands. She ended up LOVING the snow!  She loved stomping around in the snow and throwing little snowballs at us.

The following day, we went over to my parents house and played in their yard for a while.  The snow was a little deeper/icier at their house so Cora had a little more trouble walking in it, but she made the best of it. We threw a lot of snowballs, hit the snow with sticks, ran around after uncle RobDob, and laughed as we watched Gus roll around in the snow.

My mom joined us outside and we walked around the street and built a snow bunny.


Cincinnati Weekend Adventures

This weekend, we made the most of the good weather and all of our annual passes.  On Saturday, we adventured to the Cincinnati Children's museum at Union terminal with my mom and sister.  Cora, as usual, loved running around the museum and doing all of the activities.  Her favorite is definitely the water table area and she'd play there all day if we let her.

Cora enjoyed checking out all of the sweet architecture at Union Terminal.

Sunday, we went to the Cincinnati Zoo with my parents.  Cora loved watching the animals and running around playing with her Poppy.  We spent quite a bit of time watching one of the lions roaring, which Cora loved to reenact for the rest of the day.

As much as I love going out on adventures, my favorite part of every weekend is the time we get to spend hanging around the apartment getting lots of rest and snuggles.

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