Mt. Airy Forest and Treehouse

I was reading up on things to do in Cincinnati for fall and happened upon Everybody's Treehouse in Mt. Airy Forest. I immediately Google mapped it to see how far the park was from our house... and it's only 20 minutes away from our home and 10 minutes away from my childhood home. How have I never been here!? Or have I been here and I just don't remember it!? The treehouse was built in 2006 so I know I've never been to that, but I'm still wondering about the park. We decided to make a quick outing Wednesday evening to check it out. The treehouse is adorable! Cora loved running around and we all spent way too much time throwing acorns over the railings. I love all of the little details and the view of the woods. 

After looking at the treehouse, we debated between going on a little hike or playing at the playground. The playground won because we didn't all have proper hiking shoes on. Ben and I took turns running around with Cora and checking out all of the different playground features.

We all had fun on our quick outing and I'm looking forward to visiting the trails in the near future. I'm shocked that I didn't know such a gem was so close and I'm on the search to find out what other fun places are around that we haven't heard of yet. I can't wait to see all of the adventures this place brings to our family.


Walks With Ida : Glenwood Gardens

It isn't often that I get alone time with Ida, but when I do it's usually peaceful and refreshing. We headed to Glenwood Gardens for a quick walk over the weekend. Ida spent the whole ride just looking at the sights and relaxing. Towards the end, she was getting a little antsy so we stopped to check out some of the fall leaves, climb around on the stroller a bit, and get some cuddles in. We both loved our impromptu date and I loved getting to spend one-on-one time with my Ida.

See more of my #WalksWithIda on Instagram.


Ida's One Year Photos

It is always a joke that there aren't nearly as many photos of the second child (and third, and fourth, etc.), but I wanted to make sure I have plenty of photos of each of my children. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I take lots of photos of our girls and mostly just candid photos of our lives. I'm working on trying to get some more 'styled' shoots of the girls where they're dressed a little cuter or I make an effort to make the bed or remove clutter... and eventually I'll work on my photography skills. So all that said, here are a couple quick one year old photos of my Ida Rue 'reading' Birthday Monsters.


Ida's 1st Birthday Festivities

We had a fun weekend filled with celebrating Ida's birthday along with some of our other family members.  Friday, I took off work so that I could hang out with my girls. We did a quick grocery shopping trip for cake and icing...and when I say quick, I mean I stood in front of world's tiniest cake mix and icing section and took 15 minutes to decide what exactly I wanted to buy.

After the grocery, we met up with my mom, sister, and nephew for a trip to the zoo. My parents get us zoo passes for Christmas, so we love to take quick trips when we can fit them in. One of my daughters was not in the social mood (not naming names), so we didn't stay too long at the zoo.

We headed home and both my girls took long long naps... which never happens on my watch. I was able to work on some cupcakes and chores while they slept. 
When they woke up, they (of course) had to taste-test the cupcakes. I was a little distracted icing the other cupcakes and suddenly I look up to realize a cupcake bomb went off covering my entire kitchen floor. Cora makes the comment that they were 'washing their hands with frosting'... So needless to say, the cupcake taste test was followed by sink baths and naps.

Friday evening, we had a birthday dinner for my brother and Ida. My brother chose 'Thanksgiving dinner' as the menu and we all enjoyed some turkey (chicken according to Cora), stuffing, corn pudding, green beans, and mashed potatoes. It really did feel like a mini Thanksgiving dinner as we stayed at the table chatting and laughing.

The adults had pumpkin pie, while the children chowed down on Ida's smash cake. Ida wasn't really interested in the cake until we gave her a fork. She had some tastes, but also really wanted to share and make sure that her cousin and sister got some cake as well.  Cora encouraged the kids to try and smash the cake and was most excited that she was "eating cake standing up!"

Saturday I woke up around 4 in the morning.  I couldn't get back to sleep, so I just went ahead and started my day. I took a nice relaxing bath, baked a cake, and finished all the chores before the kids woke up. Ben made us all breakfast then I got the girls ready for a trip to the SAMple store.... our favorite outing.
Around lunch, we headed to my Aunt and Uncle's house to celebrate all of the August and September birthdays. Ida was pretty mellow the whole party (exhausted from all the sugar from the day before) and nearly started crying when we did all of the singing. She loved her new toys... especially this little puppy. She fell asleep at the end of the party.

It was a great couple of days celebrating our sweet Ida's first birthday. I loved reflecting on her birth story and sharing with Cora our past birthday parties and my favorite birthday growing up. My family also all enjoyed sleeping in (I woke up early to mow the lawn) and having a lazy day Sunday.


Happy First Birthday Ida Rue!

Today, my Ida Rue turns ONE!!! I have loved, loved, loved, watching this baby grow and learn. She is always surprising me and I'm sure we're in for a lifetime of surprises with this little one. Ida has brought so much peace and joy into my life and I barely remember our family without her. We're looking forward to a lazy day cuddles and relaxing (maybe an adventure or two) to celebrate Ida turning one today. I'm also looking forward to her reaction to her first family birthday party (combined with 3 other people) this weekend.

Happy birthday Ida Rue! Mommy loves you more than you will ever know. xxoo!

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