Kitchen Mural

The blank wall in our kitchen has been asking for a mural for a while now. I was a bit hesitant because the kitchen is our most used room and I wanted to make sure I would love whatever design I decided to paint. Once I finished painting the living room and the back entryway, I was ready to jump in and paint the kitchen. My original thought process was to do something sunset-like because of the birds on the wall. I mulled about a half circle, full circle with a gradient, striped circle, etc. 

I saw a picture of Abbey's office on Instagram (@abbeymadethis) and it was the perfect inspiration.  She has since painted over it, but it was a red/pinkish circle with some lines overlapping it. I decided I wanted the lines on the opposite side of the circle and to make them a bit shorter.

I just decided to wing it one night. I drew a big circle (with a little string) then eyeballed where I wanted the lines (I did check the lines with a level). Personally I was trying to keep this low budget so I used what paint I had on hand.  For the pink, I had some leftover from an old patio table I painted in 2012. I mixed a little bit of white in to tone it down. For the stripes, I mixed a tiny bit of pink, yellow that was left in our house (I believe it was used for the garage) and a couple of drops of black acrylic paint.

This was such a quick/easy DIY that made a huge impact. Our kitchen is not the most appealing room, but this mural really brightened it up over the last year. I spent a lot of time working from the kitchen table and the pop of color made staring at these cracked kitchen walls so much more enjoyable. We've had the mural for about a year 

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