Introducing our Puppy Cato!

We've been discussing getting a second pup for years, but Clovey has seemed extra lonely lately so we finally made the plunge. We knew we needed a particular type of dog to be Clove's companion because Clove is a little picky in her old age. After a bit of searching, Ben found the perfect dog. We did a meet and greet and it took about 30 minutes for the dogs to even sniff each other.  It took a couple days for them to warm up to each other, but we are getting there.

His shelter name was Courage the Cowardly Dog and we could definitely see where they got that name but we also wanted to change it. We named Clove after the Hunger Games district 2 girl tribute so we've always joked about naming a second animal Cato (the boy district 2 tribute). Cato felt like the perfect name for the dog formerly known as Courage. He started answering it pretty quickly so we knew it was the perfect choice.

Cato is really such a sweet puppy. He loves to follow me around and nuzzle into my armpit whenever he gets a chance. He is warming up to Clove, but mostly just lets her be the boss about everything. We are so excited to see how his personality comes out as he gets more comfortable in our home.

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