Sharon Woods Outing

When we got back from vacation, I scheduled a couple of days off to readjust to our life at home (laundry, groceries, prepping for school, etc) and enjoy some of our last summer days together. We still had a long Summer to-do list so we figured we'd cross a thing or two off our list with my extra days off. One of our favorite chill nature adventures is to go on is to Sharon Woods. 

The Gorge Trail is a nice woodsy hike that is easy for the girls. Ida walked a bit and rode in the backpack a bit. They liked checking out the different overlooks, pointing out lots of nature things... and begging to go check play in the creek. 

It was a fun little adventure with the girls. I love that this is close to home and makes for the perfect outdoory adventure. 


Wisconsin Vacation

We made our yearly journey to our family cottage in Wisconsin at the end of July. We packed up the girls Friday evening and drove overnight to arrive around breakfast Saturday morning. The girls were so excited to spend the week hanging out at the cottage and swimming.
Each morning, we would putz around the yard and enjoy the quiet mornings. One of the mornings, my dad, Ida, and I went over to the neighbor's yard and walked around their boardwalk area. There are mounds of moss all over the ground and it is so neat. I would love to have a moss garden like that.

Cora learned to swim this summer, so she was most looking forward to swimming in the lake. She swam all day every day. As soon as it was warm-ish enough to swim, she would be suited up and ready to go. Ida would take a bit longer to warm up to the water, but also loved spending our afternoons in the water.

Towards the end of our vacation, we took our army of kayaks out and Ida really loved riding along on kayak adventures. There is a little cove close to our cottage and I love going over there and checking out the lily pads.

Cora was always off hanging out with my parents and brother, so I spent a lot of one-on-one time with Ida... which is also why most of my pictures are of Ida. I loved getting to spend so much time with her goofy self and watching her enjoy everything the cottage has to offer.

Towards the end of the week, my Aunt and Uncle invited us over to pick blueberries at their cottage. Cora loved running around grabbing all of the berries in sight... and Ida loved tasting all of the blueberries.

We had a wonderful relaxing week. The girls had the best time running around, swimming, and enjoying all of the family together time.

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