Happy Halloween

Cora is loving the costumes and treats that Halloween brings.  We had a trunk-or-treat event at her school last week and we had a blast despite the rain.  Ben and I spent the morning crafting these cardboard pumpkins and enjoyed watching Cora run around with her buddy asking for candy.  She loved getting her face painted and getting extra cuddles from her teacher.  She had such a blast that she fell asleep at 6 O'clock and slept 14 hrs that night... now that's what I call a successful event.

Happy Halloween Friends!


Walks with Cora : A Good Hike

As we were headed to our regular route at our favorite park, Cora redirected me over to the trails. We've done the trails a couple times, but she has always been in the backpack carrier. I wondered aloud if we should go back to the car and get the backpack and she told me no... so we forged ahead.

Cora was excited for each obstacle we came to and cheered when she finished the hard ones.  She was so excited about climbing over the fallen trees, she'd hurry ahead looking for the next one. Eventually, she started showing me how she could 'climb' over small roots and sticks on the path.

When we first started out, I thought I'd be carrying her on my shoulders most of the way, but she managed to complete almost the whole path except the last hard hill/steps.  It was so fun to watch her reach an obstacle, figure it out, then confidently crush it.  I love this adventure loving baby.

Once we finished our hike, we headed to the fancy part of the park and check everything out.  Cora showed me how she was 'training' her puppy.  She points at the puppy, shouts "Sit!", sets him up in a sitting position, and looks at me with the proudest grin ever.

When we got in the car, she sighed and said "Good hike!"... yes baby girl it was a good hike!


Walks With Cora : Ault Park

We've been keeping 'busy' and getting out on lots of walks and enjoying the season.  One our favorite places to go to is Ault park.  There are places that feel more secluded and nature-y, but we also enjoy people watching and checking out the big steps.  Cora loves to run around playing "getchu", pointing out the many flowers/leaves that we see, and finding the perfect stick or rock to carry around.

My #walkswithcora are some of the best parts of my week and I'm so happy to have an adorable playmate that enjoys adventuring with me.
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