House Tour

I love looking back on our house before photos to see how far we've come and to read what plans I had that we did or didn't follow through with yet.

EXTERIOR - We haven't made tons of progress here, but we're chipping away at it slowly from the beginning. We've been slowly working on the landscaping, removed the awnings/screened porch frame, and a couple projects here and there like the front porch. We have also been spending a lot of time working in the backyard on the vegetable garden and playing in the cottage playhouse.

ENTRYWAY - Another space we haven't done much work on, but we have lots of plans. We've made very little entryway progress and DIYed some mudroom hooks.

THE GIRLS' ROOM - This is the room we have made the most progress in. We only have a couple more things to do before it's finished and it's a space we all love so far. With a coat of paint on everything (even the doors) and our DIY upholstered headboards, this space feels like a completely different room.

MASTER BEDROOM - This is another room that feels like a night and day difference since we started working on this room. Amazing what a coat of paint will do! I DIYed a headboard and added some other touches like a picture wall, shelf, and art. There are still some things on the to-do list, but we love it how it is.

DINING ROOM - Not much has changed in this room besides putting our own furniture in there and using it as our 'messy room' for all our craft projects. We got a new sideboard and chandelier for the space and have started to prep the room for painting.

LIVING ROOM - I shared some progress where we added in our own furniture and curtains, but I still need to share an update post with our added art, projector, and long bookshelf (pictured)

KITCHEN - Another room where there isn't much progress (yet) other than adding our own furniture. We have made some small baby steps like adding shelves for our tea, installing a hanging fruit basket, and adding art.

DOWNSTAIRS BATHROOM - I haven't shared any updates on this room other than painting the doors black. Since these photos, I have started priming the room and working on a game plan for the space.

Check out my home Pinterest board to see what kind of things I'm loving lately.

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