Trash Picked Table

Trash picked this table with a little hesitation since it was missing part of the top.  It looked like the glass part to it was long gone.  It turns out, my television fits well on it without even needing the top so I decided to skip trying to figure out what to do about that for now.

After sanding the thing down, BC suggested a two tone paint job with black legs and white top.  I also decided to mimic the pointed part where I would begin the black and make a chevron pattern go up onto the white part so it brings the two parts together.

Here are some process pictures:

you can see a little of the chevron taped out (ran out of painters tape)
reminds me of those 'nailed it' posts where someone fails miserably
 Because of the fuzziness, I had to go through and trim up the pattern by hand.  Painted the whole thing with one more coat of white to make it a little more crisp.

And the final product!

before and after


Side Table Revamp

This side table was a hand-me-down from my brother about 3.5 years ago.  A little more than a year ago, I was sick of looking at it so I decided to redo it.  I sanded it down, put a couple coats of white paint, spray painted the hardware black then let it sit there for a year before I thought about finishing it.

I've finally gotten around to finishing the drawer.  My obsession of maps is starting to take over and I got a map of Ohio to cover the inside of the drawer.  I cut out different sections to cover each of the four sides and the bottom of the drawer.  Using a 1:1 mixture of Elmer's glue and water, I 'mod podged' the paper to the drawer.  I wanted it to be a little wrinkly to add to the map feel so I didn't bother too much with laying out the pieces flat and smoothing them down perfectly.  The map part only took me about 30 minutes tops.

Finally finished!  Here are the before and after pictures:


Painted Chair

My dad trash picked this chair about 4 years ago.   I used this tutorial for painted upholstery chair on Pinterest.  It seems worth a shot to try it out since the fabric was still in good shape and I wouldn't be too upset if it turned out terribly.  Using a 1:1 ratio of fabric medium and acrylic paint, dampen the fabric and paint on thin watered down layers. 

A couple process pictures:
And here are the before and after pics: 
The tutorial says to dampen the fabric... very important!  Mine wasn't as damp as it should have been and has a little crackling texture to it that I kind of enjoy. 

p.s.  Happy New Year!

UPDATE: I've taken the plunge into reupholstering this chair.  You can check out Part 1 of the reupholstering job here and stay tuned for more posts on this project.
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