Mountain Weaving

You may have seen a small mountain inspired weaving in my roundup of my baby weavings.  I didn't love the small one, but decided to forge ahead and try to make a larger version with a couple changes. Shortly after I made the small one, Willow Brook Design shared a mountain weaving on IG.
I love the added stripes in the piece, so I decided I needed to add some texture (something I hadn't practiced before making the baby mountain weaving).
I started with long fringe then alternated between a plain over under weave and loops to add lots of texture.  At this point, I took a 2-4 week break because I hadn't picked out yarn for the rest of the piece.  Once I got some motivation, I picked out the below grayscale and jumped right back into it.
I used the soumak weaving technique for the darker textured gray.  This was my first time trying out this technique, and I love the resulting texture.  It kind of reminds me a lot of the same motions as sewing, so it felt really comfortable right away.
I did a regular over under weave for the top range and alternated between that and soumak for the 'sky'.
I finished it off with a stick I found while on one of my #walkswithcora.  It's hard to convey it's size in photos, but the final piece is about 8"x26" and is our favorite one so far.


Happy 2nd Birthday Cora!

Dear Cora,
These last two years with you have been amazing!  Some days I can't believe you're already two and other days I can't believe that you've only been in my life for two years.  You have such a big personality, that I often forget that you are only a little toddler.  You've brought so much laughter and happiness to our lives and I look forward to the many many adventures that we will share in the years to come.  I love you baby girl!

Happy birthday Cora!
xxoo - Mommy

We're hoping to spend the day at the zoo and get some last minute birthday party things taken care of.  I'll be back next week (hopefully) with some pictures of our weekend adventures.
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