Conversations With Cora : Part VIII

I love looking back on Cora's goofy (and sweet) quotes. I love her spirit, her crazy outfits, and even how she never stops talking.
In the middle of the night:
"You look like you have a moon forehead. Is that a compliment? And your eyeballs look like cookies and balloons!"
... then she rolled over and went back to bed.

I asked her about what she liked about her crush
"his hair... and how he lets me in the play area before him."

When we were talking about when school is over...
"I don't want no schoool... I don't want to go back to having no friends like you" 
"My belly is hungry... *yells at belly* NO WAY JOSE!"

"I know what happens to our brains when we die... want me to tell you? Our brains are... eaten by zombies!!!"

PICHOTLE = Chipotle
FELIZ NAVIDOG = Feliz Navidad

"Christmas isn't about presents... its about family! Christmas isn't about trees. It isn't about lights. It isn't about cars full of presents... It's about family"

Singing her own rock song:
"I used to be threeeeeee
I used to be threeeeee
but now i'm foooouuurr
One two three four!"

Cora wakes up and yells down the stairs...
Me: What?
Cora: I love you!
Cora: What's the (doll) baby's name?
Me: I didn't have one
Cora: Lets name it Klobby

During a pre-bed crying fit "I'm not riiiich! Waaaaah! I don't have any coins! waaaaaah!"
... me too girlfriend, me too.

When she sees something she wants in the store, we take a picture of it. Usually that is enough to get her to stop asking and my cameral roll is full of cute pictures of her with stuffed animals.
Cora: When was I born?
Me: May 1st
Cora: That's what day my birthday is! So weird!

I asked Ben to take care of dinner on Valentine's day and Cora's response was "He already gave you dinner like 8 days ago! Remember?! Tacos?! How much more do you want?!"


Life With Ida : 17 Months

It's been a fun month with our sweet little Ida Rue. She's getting bigger and more independent and I have love watching her flourish this month. She's constantly on the move, so most of my pictures of her this month are while she's sleeping because it's the only time she'll sit still.

About halfway through the month, she lost her last pacifier and we were just too lazy to buy her any more. It was a rough couple of nights adjusting, but overall she quickly moved on with her life. Without the paci in her mouth so much, she has done quite a bit of babbling, whining, screaming, and chatting. Ida's voice is so quiet and feels like a whisper most of the time.  I love her breathey little "yes" when I ask her if she wants something and how she understands what we're saying even though she doesn't talk.
Ida still loves running around playing with her sister. Surprisingly, she's the first one to instigate roughhousing and does a great job holding her own for such a sweet little baby. She loves to be chased and play peek-a-boo and laugh all day long. When Cora is not paying attention, Ida loves to 'steal' Cora's favorite toys and play with them. She always gives me the sneakiest grin and giggles until Cora catches her.

We're still going strong with our weekly Wednesday Troll watching tradition. After I drop Cora off at school, we turn on trolls and cuddle while I buckle down and get some work done. Its fun to see her excited face when I mention it's time for Trolls and I love hearing her little voice 'sing' along with some of the songs.
Ida is still trying any new food we put in front of her and is generally a fan of everything (except eggs). She likes spicy food and her favorite things are frozen veggies (peas, corn, etc), blueberries, raisins, and anything she can feed herself.

Ida does this cute new thing where she cuddles up in bed and tucks herself in. She does this whenever she wants to read or cuddle or even watch movies. I love watching her get herself comfy and relax and it makes me giggle every time. This sweet baby gives the best cuddles and I'm soaking it all up while I can.


Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's day friends!  This month has been full of love... Girls family party at our house, sleepovers with grandparents, a family date to Clifton (where Ben and I fell in love), pizza picnics and movies, girl date to the dollar store and Graeters, surprise gifts from our faraway family, and lots and lots of cuddles. Wishing you all a love filled day. I'm so grateful for you.

 I finally opened my Etsy shop debuting the Valentine's day garland pictured above.


Scrap Quilt

My fabric stash is being overrun with scraps from my previous quilts, so I thought I'd start a little quilt from the scraps. It was fun to try something new and not worry about measuring (which already isn't my strong suit). These are all scraps from the quilts I made for some of my favorite babies/toddlers, so it is really special to look at this and think of each and every baby. It's a little smaller than my usual quilts, so it's perfect to throw over Ida in the pumpkin seat to carry around on errands.
It took a couple of blocks of time to make the front, then the rest of the quilt took me an hour or two to complete. I'm not normally into scrappy pieces, but I'm loving how there are so many different spots throughout the quilt that I love. The longer I look at it, the more favorite little spots I find.


Baby Bookworms : February

Ida is super into reading and is always carrying around books. She loves bringing me books to read to her or I often find her looking through books on her own.... She's definitely my daughter. Here are some of her favorite books lately and the book I want to get Ida for Valentine's day:
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? - a fun rhymey book that we like to do little songs and read through. 

Sunny Day Point 'n' Match - a fun easy eye spy book for babies. Ida can spot a couple things, but mostly she likes squealing at all of the animals. 

SNOW - I mentioned this one in November too, but it is really a favorite of Ida's. 
Jellycat Soft Cloth Fabric Books, Pony Tails - This is one that was gifted to Cora when she was a baby, but it has long been a favorite of both my girls. It's great for the different tail textures and they love the crinkly noise that the pages make. There is also a kitty one and that looks super cute

Llama Llama I Love You - This one is on my list to buy Ida for Valentine's day. We love the Llama Llama series and it will be a perfect gift.

Check out this mean mugging face that Ida gives when Cora is reading without her.
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