Kitchen Mural

The blank wall in our kitchen has been asking for a mural for a while now. I was a bit hesitant because the kitchen is our most used room and I wanted to make sure I would love whatever design I decided to paint. Once I finished painting the living room and the back entryway, I was ready to jump in and paint the kitchen. My original thought process was to do something sunset-like because of the birds on the wall. I mulled about a half circle, full circle with a gradient, striped circle, etc. 

I saw a picture of Abbey's office on Instagram (@abbeymadethis) and it was the perfect inspiration.  She has since painted over it, but it was a red/pinkish circle with some lines overlapping it. I decided I wanted the lines on the opposite side of the circle and to make them a bit shorter.

I just decided to wing it one night. I drew a big circle (with a little string) then eyeballed where I wanted the lines (I did check the lines with a level). Personally I was trying to keep this low budget so I used what paint I had on hand.  For the pink, I had some leftover from an old patio table I painted in 2012. I mixed a little bit of white in to tone it down. For the stripes, I mixed a tiny bit of pink, yellow that was left in our house (I believe it was used for the garage) and a couple of drops of black acrylic paint.

This was such a quick/easy DIY that made a huge impact. Our kitchen is not the most appealing room, but this mural really brightened it up over the last year. I spent a lot of time working from the kitchen table and the pop of color made staring at these cracked kitchen walls so much more enjoyable. We've had the mural for about a year 


Introducing our Puppy Cato!

We've been discussing getting a second pup for years, but Clovey has seemed extra lonely lately so we finally made the plunge. We knew we needed a particular type of dog to be Clove's companion because Clove is a little picky in her old age. After a bit of searching, Ben found the perfect dog. We did a meet and greet and it took about 30 minutes for the dogs to even sniff each other.  It took a couple days for them to warm up to each other, but we are getting there.

His shelter name was Courage the Cowardly Dog and we could definitely see where they got that name but we also wanted to change it. We named Clove after the Hunger Games district 2 girl tribute so we've always joked about naming a second animal Cato (the boy district 2 tribute). Cato felt like the perfect name for the dog formerly known as Courage. He started answering it pretty quickly so we knew it was the perfect choice.

Cato is really such a sweet puppy. He loves to follow me around and nuzzle into my armpit whenever he gets a chance. He is warming up to Clove, but mostly just lets her be the boss about everything. We are so excited to see how his personality comes out as he gets more comfortable in our home.


Introducing Our Chicks!

We've been debating chickens for a couple years now but Ben wasn't super into the idea. He ran into one of our friends last winter and she told him all about her chickens and how easy they were... and basically talked him into it. I made an order with a local hatchery after lots of debating on what type of chickens to get. We settled on 6 chickens (the minimum order). I chose the ones we got by their availability, breeds that were good egg producers, breeds that I thought were beautiful, and ones that had good personalities.  So here are a million pictures of our adorable chicks:

I will share more with their names, breeds, and personalities at a later date!

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