Baby Steps

Saturday evening, Cora was crawling around and playing like she normally does.  Out of nowhere she stands up and starts walking!  We could not believe it.  The standing up unassisted was new so I started to praise her, but Ben waves me off and we waited.  Cora starts to take a step... then two... then three.  She took about 4 or 5 steps and then gracefully falls on her bottom.  We were beyond excited and Cora was beaming and really happy the rest of the night.  
I kind of figured I was going to be at work and miss her first steps so I was happy that I got to be there and we experienced it as a family.  The walking was also an exciting end to a great day of sleeping in, homemade breakfast, open window weather, reading, tv marathons, and being lazy in general. 
Sunday, Cora and I got up, hit up Target, then went to my parent's to do laundry.  My parents weren't home, but Cora got in some quality playtime with her Uncle Rob.  After laundry, we went over to my Godmother and Uncle's house to have lunch, go for a walk, and hang out.
My sister called me as we were on our way home and she asked us to meet up and check out a couple stores in Oakley.  We hit up Blue Manatee, King Arthurs, and Aglamesis.  I love the vibe in Blue Manatee.  It is such a cute children's bookstore and we will definitely be hitting up their story time.  The rest of the day was spent napping and playing.  
Long story short, best weekend ever!


Reupholstering The Painted Chair :: Part One

Remember this painted chair I painted two years ago?!
It looks beautiful in the after picture, but the fabric is a little 'crunchy', the dog gnawed on one of the legs, and it is in desperate need of a makeover.  In hindsight, I probably should have watered down the paint mix and painted thinner layers, but I also think some of the crackling texture is from constant use.  As a result of the chair being less than pleasing to the eye, I've decided to tackle my first reupholstery project (yikes!).  I probably should be picking something a little smaller... and without tufts.
Step One: Order most of the supplies so there is no backing out (i.e. fabric, piping, etc)

Step Two: Remove piping or gimp

Step Three: Start removing the staples (best when done during Netflix binge)

I left some staples in so the fabric stays put until we're ready for the next step.  I peeked underneath the fabric to make sure that most of the foam and batting can be reused, but also bought some extra batting for good measure.  Here are some pictures where I left off:

I will be sharing some blog post updates with all of the big steps, but you can also follow along on Instagram at #ReupholsteringThePaintedChair

Life With Cora :: 10 Months

Not much is new this month so we'll just go straight to Cora's 10 month pictures.


Swimming Lessons

We thought it would be fun to sign up for toddler/parent swim lessons to get some time in the pool learning the basics and meet some other babies and parents.  Cora is one of the youngest kids in the class and it might be a little advanced for her age, but she still seemed to enjoy it...  and she's basically a pro at floating on her back.

I think my favorite part so far about being a parent is watching Cora learn and master new things.  I'm looking forward to the swim lessons to come and watching Cora love swimming like I do.

P.S. I've kind of put blogging on the back burner for the last couple of months since we've been pretty busy keeping up with the the day-to-day changes that come along with having a baby... no two days are the same.  I've got some great projects and ideas coming up and will hopefully share some kind of project list or previews tomorrow or early next week.  I'm also excited to share some non-baby related things on the blog since it's been a while.  Spring always brings me renewed energy, so I can't wait to take advantage of the nice weather and get on some of these big projects that I've been procrastinating on.  Stay tuned!
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