Cucumber Bacon Bites

+ cucumbers (I use 2 english cucumbers for a get together)
+ a pack of bacon
+ 8 oz of cream cheese (one brick)
+ 8 oz of sour cream
+ 1/2 Tablespoon of celery salt
+ 1/2 Tablespoon of minced onions
+ 1/2 Tablespoon of dillweed
+ plastic bag
1. Mix cream cheese, sour cream, celery salt, minced onions, and dillweed and let sit in fridge
2. Cook bacon and let cool
3. Cut cucumbers in 1/2 inch slices
3. Using a spoon, scoop a little bit of the cucumber out for the 'dip' to sit in
4. Put the dip mixture in a plastic bag to pipe into mini cucumber bowls
5. Break up bacon slices and place on the cucumber bites
6. Enjoy!
These are pretty much my go-to appetizer, so easy and delicious! I've also made this with grape tomatoes and that was a huge hit.  Let me know if you make these and what you think.


New Home : Before

Soooo... WE MOVED! After four years of being in our one bedroom, we're finally making the plunge into homeownership.  We've been toying with the idea for quite a while, but once we found out about Baby #2 we knew we had to do something about getting more living space.  I haven't had a chance to take many pictures of our own (you know, having a newborn and moving keeps you kind of busy) and I'll eventually share some more plans and maybe mood boards, but here are some pictures from the listing and quick blurbs about the space and some changes we want to make:

Doesn't need a ton of immediate attention, but there are a couple immediate concerns and some quick projects that will bring up the overall enjoyment.  We need to put screens on the front porch and fix a couple rotting areas on the garage.  We're also hoping to get the awnings off pretty quick because neither one of us really likes them.  One of those funny things where we were afraid to say that we didn't like them in case the other one did, but once it was voiced we both were in complete agreement.  Also, just a quick note, the backyard is not that large. It's next to a lot that is owned by the high school and has a driveway on it, so it will basically never be developed and we get the added bonus of a little extra yard to run around in.  Moving on... When you enter you have the dining room to your left and your living room straight ahead.

Probably the only things we'll really do with this is paint and replace lighting.  With the kitchen we'll probably do a little bit of painting (cabinets, maybe the tile), but hold off on really putting a lot of work into it until we can afford to rework it.

The living room and main floor bathroom are pretty basic... so we'll have to inject that with some personality, but overall nothing that needs to be done immediately.

Upstairs you enter the 'master' bedroom/bath to your right.  We were going to put off painting this room, but after an additional walk through we realized the previous paint job wasn't that great so we'll have to redo it.

This 'walk in closet' is connected to both the rooms upstairs.  We're still trying to decide how to configure all of this.  Do we want to make this a walk-in closet/nursery?  Playroom/room for Cora? walk-in closet/office?  We'll just have to wait and see how we use some of our other spaces.
You can enter this room from the stairs or the 'walk in closet'.  It's much larger in person (which is the case for most of these rooms).  Eventually this will be the the girls shared room, but we're not 100% sure how we're going to use it until then.  Cora will have her own room, but we're still undecided about whether it should be the blue room or the 'closet'.  She likes to stay pretty close to us and we want to do whatever we can to make this the easiest transition for her (especially since we just added a baby to the family), but overall she seems excited to have her own place for her toys where she can invite people over and entertain.
So that's it!  We have sooo much that we want to do with this house and it has been really fun staying up late going through our secret Pinterest board of ideas (you can see my public Pinterest Home board here where a lot of the pins are the same as our private one).  It's interesting how similar some of our ideas are and how completely opposite other ideas are.  Basically we're on the same page for a lot of our ideas for our exterior and the overall use of the house, but then there are some ideas that one of us loves and the other hates and vice versa.  Sometimes I think it'd be easier to share a home with someone that didn't have an opinion about it all, but I think it will be really fun to work on all of these projects together and making this a place of our own.  

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