DIY Silhouette Thank You Cards

I am so blessed that I had a weekend filled with baby showers, so I needed lots of thank you cards.  A while ago, I purchased these Thank You cards from Michaels (a set of 8 for $1 each).  I wanted to come up with a unique/artsy idea to make them a little more fun.

+Thank You cards (or card stock to make your own card)
+printed pictures of silhouette
+decorative paper
Total cost of each card: $0.13

1. take pictures of your silhouette
2. resize the image to fit onto the card
3. print off and trace onto paper or card (I used pages ripped out from National Geographic)
4. cut out silhouettes (exacto blade was easiest for me)
5. adhere silhouette to card

Here are some pics of the final cards:


Baby Shower Weekend

I'm still winding down from last weekend... and feeling a little spoiled.  I had two baby showers and some friends and family that came in town so there was a lot going on.  I took Friday off of work to hang out with Jazz.  We went out to breakfast, hit up Ault Park, and relaxed around the house until we had happy hour at my parent's house.

Saturday, Jazz and I took Clove to the dog park, chilled around the house, then went to my first baby shower.  This shower was a combination of my high school and college friends.  The shower was full of great food, fun games, cute decorations, and good company.  I wish I would have gotten more pictures with people at both of the showers, but I forgot to ask.  (All Saturday photos are courtesy of Jazz.)
Tissue poms, paper straws, mimosas (not for me), toddler picture of me/morphed picture prediction of the baby/toddler picture of Ben, and strawberry lemonade.
Fruit skewers and the best carrot cupcakes ever!  ...seriously.  I won't even admit to how many of those I had.  This was just some of the good food that was there.
After the shower, we hung around at my parents for dinner and a little sleepover.  Everyone went a little picture crazy in the evening... people love the baby bump!
Colleen, Margaret, Me&Baby, Celia, and Jazz
Mom, Celia, Me&Baby, Vicky, and Kathy
My Mom's friends threw a shower for the baby on Sunday.  There were lots of people there.  That shower also had great food and company.
Me&Baby with da Momma
Welcome Baby!
I had a great weekend and feel so blessed that my baby is already surrounded by people that love her so much!  Less than a month to go until we finally meet our baby...
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