It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

My first Christmas in the "real world".  Since leaving my parents home, I've never lived anywhere that we decorated for Christmas.   My roommate has a lot of Christmas decorations and I got my first Christmas stockings (one of them is in the middle on the picture below).  My Aunt received them from my grandmother, but was no longer using them so decided to pass them along.  My Aunt and Uncle also gave me a holiday poinsettia.

I was able to enjoy one of my favorite Cincinnati Christmas events... Festival of Lights!  BC and I went on a half off day so it was EXTREMELY crowded, but it was still really good.  We had a good time enjoying the animals, light displays, roasted almonds (or warm nuts... I swear there was a sign that said that), some salt water taffy, and Christmas music.  My favorite part is the 'swan lake' where the lights change to the music.

Crossroads, the church I've been attending, puts on a big production for the holidays.  The tickets are free and the show is so good!  BC and I went on opening night.  I was a little tired from working all day, but the show really surpassed my expectations.  A couple days later, I took my grandpa to the show.  We spent some time out in the lobby enjoying hot chocolate and kettle corn while taking in the surroundings.  Since I had seen the show two days earlier, I already knew everything that was going to happen, but I was blown away a second time.  I found myself glancing at Boppa to see how he liked it.  Besides catching him falling asleep a couple of times, he seemed to really enjoy it. 

Ghetto Christmas presents > FABULOUS!!! (don't you love the Santa head?!)
Merry Christmas!


  1. those presents aren't ghetto, are you kidding?! ghetto is throwing everything in a store or trash bag lol! that's really creative and saves on paper and stuff. btw this is consuelo :)

  2. Haha! Cece, I was wondering who the heck you were when I first saw your comment.

    They started out ghetto wrapped with brown paper and bags. Now they are festive!


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