Painted Chair

My dad trash picked this chair about 4 years ago.   I used this tutorial for painted upholstery chair on Pinterest.  It seems worth a shot to try it out since the fabric was still in good shape and I wouldn't be too upset if it turned out terribly.  Using a 1:1 ratio of fabric medium and acrylic paint, dampen the fabric and paint on thin watered down layers. 

A couple process pictures:
And here are the before and after pics: 
The tutorial says to dampen the fabric... very important!  Mine wasn't as damp as it should have been and has a little crackling texture to it that I kind of enjoy. 

p.s.  Happy New Year!

UPDATE: I've taken the plunge into reupholstering this chair.  You can check out Part 1 of the reupholstering job here and stay tuned for more posts on this project.


  1. Wow! Who would've guessed you could paint fabric like that?! Cool, Haley!


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