Random Life Update

I'm finally finishing up some bigger projects and realize I haven't posted much on here since I moved into my new apartment.  Prepare for a randome update of the last couple months (limited amount of photos from facebook since my computer crashed)...  I'm still in love with the new place, but am working on rearranging pretty much every room of the apartment since I have some furniture additions and better thought out floor plans since I first moved in.
OU Homecoming - endzone seats

I spent a couple weekends out of town.  A weekend in October, my aunt was being honored as Alumna of the Year.  I had an awesome time hanging out with my family, going to the events for my aunt, and celebrating OU's homecoming.  Their band really is the best in the land.  Their halftime show was awesome!  It was cool to see how other schools celebrate their homecoming and football games.  I haven't been able to enjoy many UC games due to all of the traveling.

My Grandpaha passed away at the end of October, so we headed down to Savannah in early November for his funeral.  I am blessed with such a loving family and was able to celebrate my Grandpa's life that weekend with lots of memories and funny stories.  It's interesting to see the weird little things that make you think of someone, but you didn't realize it until they are gone.

black tie event at OU
A couple of weeks later Thanksgiving quickly arrived.  I enjoyed probably the best Thanksgiving food I've ever eaten and had a great time hanging out with my family.  Thanksgiving is a little taste of the holidays before the crazy Christmas marathon of family events comes, and I am more excited than ever for the holidays this year.

Lately, I have had quite the string of bad luck with my computer breaking down, needing new tires after one year of use, and then needing another unexpected costly car repair all on top of rent and the other normal expenses (enough complaining already).  Despite all of the 'bad luck', I have been learning a lot about appreciating everything in my life and realizing how truly blessed I am.  I've been making an effort to thank God for everything in my life and to 'count my blessings'.  I will share more on these thoughts at another time since I am still processing some things.

Anyways, look forward to updated apartment posts and some finished projects in the weeks coming up to Christmas.  Will also share a peek into some of my family's many Christmas traditions.


  1. This post made me realize I have not have had a genuine life update. We should skype when your computer gets fixed.

    1. I know! I can use Ben's computer sometime to skype. It will probably have to be next week.


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