Upcycled painting

Remember this painting I got back in April?!  It sat around forever while I came up with tons of ideas for it.  I started out intending to put cork board on the inside... changed my mind to chalkboard paint... thought about modge podging maps all over it and painting a quote... had a couple painting ideas (patterns, animals for the nursery, etc).
Finally, I remembered this wall photo college on Under the Sycamore.  Here is an updated version of the wall.  The first time I saw a picture of the collage, I fell in love and knew I would have something like this in my future home.  Unfortunately, I am still renting and didn't want to put the effort into putting the wall up and taking it down every year.  Enter giant picture frame.
I spray painted the frame with a couple leftover cans of white spray paint.  Some of the crevices are dark and it didn't get completely covered before I ran out of spray paint, but I really love the texture and depth that is added.  I painted a couple coats of white acrylic over the painting, and painted the border black.
Cloverson exhausted from all the painting
Then it sat for a couple weeks.  I decided I wanted a pattern painted on it since it wouldn't be completely filled with pictures for quite a while.  I settled on this gold chevron/arrow pattern I used on a painting for Celia.  It took me a full day to paint the pattern.  Here is what it looks like now:
I plan on printing out a bunch of black and white 5" x 5" pictures of me, Ben, Clove, and Baby (ultrasound) and arrange them in a grid.  We'll add pictures of da baybay when she comes along and as she grows up.  I will post an updated picture when I have this set up in the nursery area.


  1. Did you hand paint the pattern?! Amazing.

    1. Yes! Did a rough paint of it and then went through again and tightened it all up. It took FOREVER!


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