Life With Cora :: 8 Months

Big month for Cora!  I'm going to officially label her a crawler!  She is moving around like crazy.  I used to be able to sit her down and run into the other room to grab something... not anymore.  I love when she crawls over to see me and occasionally give me 'kisses' or bite my nose (don't know why she does that, but she has done it multiple times then laughed so it must be a game she plays with Daddy)
Cora is pretty good at playing by herself.  She crawls around exploring the living room and spends some time playing with each toy scattered around.  Occasionally, she'll crawl back over and 'check-in' with me and get a cuddle or small feeding in.
Cora and Clove are obsessed with each other.  Cora is always crawling/climbing over to the puppy and really interested in whatever she is doing.  Clove likes to keep an eye on Cora and sneak in kisses.  They always make sure they are close to each other whenever they're playing.  It will be fun to see how their relationship is when Cora is a little bigger and they can run around and play with each other.
We have upped our 'solids' game this month.  She was only eating a handful of foods (we were just lazy and the boobie juice was enough for her), but we have started to introduce quite a few different foods and some rice biscuit things.  Cora has a new trick where she pretends to hate her food (blinking her eyes and opening her mouth: see here) and it makes us laugh.  She realized we're laughing at her face so she has really enjoyed doing it some more and making us laugh hysterically... such a little comedian.
Cora celebrated her first Christmas (pics here and here).  We had a lot of family events and she loved almost every second of them.  Towards the end of the events she would get clingy to Mommy and Daddy, but still wanted to observe everything that was going on.  Cora got lots of toys and clothes from our family.  We just got her a couple outfits, two books, and a little doll
This month, I found out that Cora means 'Filled heart' and Jean means 'God is gracious' or 'gift from God'.  I know, I know... We probably should have looked up the meaning of Cora (Jean was set no matter what) before we named her that, but it is fun to find out that is the meaning of her name especially since she really feels like she is a gift from God that has filled my heart with happiness every second that I look at her.  ... and I'll go ahead and end with that.  Luv dis baby!

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  1. OH MY GOSH! SO cute! I love that her and Clove get along! Well, mostly that Clove can deal with her!


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