Life With Cora :: 9 Months

It's like tradition...  I gotta say this: WOW!  So old!  This month, Cora has been out of the womb as long as she was growing in the womb.  It is weird thinking that she is so old, but I also feel like she has been around forever.  The last nine months have been so awesome getting to know this little human being and see her experience the world.
Cora has become a master crawler!  I'm pretty sure she would win a gold medal in the sprint part of baby olympics (if that existed).  She can really get moving and I've been going crazy cleaning, getting rid of stuff, and making sure she can't get into anything.  Hoarders should not have babies.
Cora has been pulling up and cruising around basically right after she turned 8 months old.  She really loves to play by herself so I mostly watch her move around the living room pulling up on different furniture.  She loves exploring (always holding a small toy), playing with the dog, getting all of her toys out, and finding anything in the room that could be potentially harmful (ooooh, look!  A dime!).
We've really stepped up our solids game.  I think her favorite thing right now is cheese and cheerios.  Now that the doctor told us we should pretty much be giving her anything we eat, there are so many things that I'm excited for her to try.  A couple of weeks ago, I gave her some sushi (broken up, duh) and she loved it!  Hopefully next month I can report some other fun foods she's tried during the upcoming month.

Hopefully I'll get the nice camera out soon and take some better 9 month pictures like I did when Cora was 6 months.

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