Snow Days

We've had quite a few snow days here in Cincinnati over the last month, so Cora got to play in the snow for the first time. She made grumpy faces the first time she touched snow, but she loved watching it from the window so we knew we needed to get her out there to play.  We don't really have snow gear for her because we didn't want to waste the money if it wasn't going to snow this year.  We ended up just doubling up her pants and socks (her sweatsuit was great for the snow) and brought out extra socks for her hands. She ended up LOVING the snow!  She loved stomping around in the snow and throwing little snowballs at us.

The following day, we went over to my parents house and played in their yard for a while.  The snow was a little deeper/icier at their house so Cora had a little more trouble walking in it, but she made the best of it. We threw a lot of snowballs, hit the snow with sticks, ran around after uncle RobDob, and laughed as we watched Gus roll around in the snow.

My mom joined us outside and we walked around the street and built a snow bunny.

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