Mountain Weaving

You may have seen a small mountain inspired weaving in my roundup of my baby weavings.  I didn't love the small one, but decided to forge ahead and try to make a larger version with a couple changes. Shortly after I made the small one, Willow Brook Design shared a mountain weaving on IG.
I love the added stripes in the piece, so I decided I needed to add some texture (something I hadn't practiced before making the baby mountain weaving).
I started with long fringe then alternated between a plain over under weave and loops to add lots of texture.  At this point, I took a 2-4 week break because I hadn't picked out yarn for the rest of the piece.  Once I got some motivation, I picked out the below grayscale and jumped right back into it.
I used the soumak weaving technique for the darker textured gray.  This was my first time trying out this technique, and I love the resulting texture.  It kind of reminds me a lot of the same motions as sewing, so it felt really comfortable right away.
I did a regular over under weave for the top range and alternated between that and soumak for the 'sky'.
I finished it off with a stick I found while on one of my #walkswithcora.  It's hard to convey it's size in photos, but the final piece is about 8"x26" and is our favorite one so far.


  1. This is so stunning! I love the fact that you just used a simple branch for this too--it just gives it a little more oomph! And you used so many gorgeous weaves too! Nice work!

  2. I love it!

  3. Oh wow! That's really pretty. You did a fabulous job. I only wish I could recreate it for my own wall... :)


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