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We went on our yearly family vacation to Wisconsin back in August, and I'm finally getting around to going through the pictures.  I don't get tons of free time lately, so I'm posting as I get a chance.  I also like to stretch that vacation feeling out as long as possible :)

This year, we were able to get out on a couple excursions.  We traveled to Duluth a couple of times to visit my aunt in the hospital.  Ben, Cora, and I went there for a day date and a visit.  We enjoyed some touristy views of Superior, mini doughnuts from a food boat (was kind of like food truck food, but was a build in boat near this view), walked along the shore, and enjoyed some nearby mexican food. I had some really cute pictures from the day, but my phone managed to wipe everything from that entire day... so this one is all I have.  It was perfect weather (maybe a little on the warm side) and was nice to get out just the three of us for a little bit of alone time. 
Later in the week, we tried out a new hike called Houghton Falls in Washburn.  It was only a mile or two (always feels like more when you're lugging a baby on your back), but had a pretty view of Superior.  I wish it would have been a little bit longer like some of the other hikes we take up here, but it would be a perfect quick stop on our way to Bayfield or some other excursion.

The beginning/ending part of the hike was flat and had boardwalks, so Cora was able to get out of the backpack and walk the last little section.  If the hike had been any longer, she probably would have enjoyed a nice little nap towards the end instead.

You can see our vacation pictures I shared on Instagram at #coopstromsonvacation

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