Conversations With Cora : Part II

Cora never stops talking, so she is constantly making me laugh.  Lately I love all her little prayers and when she talks to/about baby, so no better place to compile and share them all than on the good old blog.

When she fell while hiking "UGHH, not my cat pants!!!"

Picking and bringing me a dandelion and she said "because I love you"

"You are going to my school?!?  That is impossible... my school is for kids!"

Woke up in the middle of the night 
Cora: I wanna go on a date"  
Me: with who?
Cora: you
Me: where do you want to go?
Cora: to the park
then rolled over and fell asleep

Woke up in the middle of the night "Make me a sandwich!!!" and immediately fell back asleep.

I was telling her we had no money because I forgot my wallet so Cora slowly plotted our meal plan
"Lets eat dinner at... no money!  Lets take Daddy's money! Take his cards out of his wallet, yeah! LET'S TAKE DADDY'S MONEY!!!  Yeah!"

Me: what are you doing?! 
Cora: (talking loud enough for them to hear) STARING AT THOSE PEOPLE!

Praying "God Bless Momma's baby, God Bless Momma!"

"I forgot to pray for you... Dear God, thank you for Mommy pooping and thank you for Daddy pooping."

Constantly going to my belly to tell baby stories and then saying "ooooh, she tickled me!!"

She stared at the picture of Jesus on her new bible and said "God, I love you" and kissed it goodnight.

YESTERTIME: When Cora is referring to something that happened in the past. We went to a baseball game yestertime.

GROSSTING: disgusting and gross combined.  I can't eat this... it is grossting

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