Lamp & Lampshade

Another hand-me-down... My dad had this lamp when he was in college.  It used to be a light blue.  I went ahead and spray painted it black.  The lampshade had some little dents and stains on it so it definitely needed some help.  I'm really feeling gold lately so I'm going with a black, turquoise, and gold color scheme.
clockwise from top left: Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest, and more Pinterest
I painted the outside of the shade turquoise.  (When painting the outside, occasionally put it on the lamp with the light on to make sure there is consistent coverage)  Painted the inside gold then I had at it with gold paint pen on the design.  Here are some process pictures:

And the final product:


  1. That looks awesome! How did you do the four picture thing?

  2. Thanks! I did it in Photoshop... about the only thing I use it for these days. I've done something similar on paint before.


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