National Geographic Coasters

I read through a lot of tutorials for DIY coasters on Pinterest as well as getting advice from a friend that made her own.  Most of the tutorials you just cut out a square and glue them on the top, but one of my pet peeves is unfinished edges so I experimented a little and this is what I came up with:

glossy clear spray paint = approx $4
Felt pads = $2
Tiles = $0.16 each
Paper (magazines or cardstock)
Mod Podge or 1:1 water & glue mixture

One of my favorite magazines is National Geographic, but I have a hard time finding things to do with the pictures I like so I thought I'd try using them on the coasters.  I think that anything without the glossy finish or thinner paper would probably deteriorate with all of the glue/wetness, folding, and rubbing. Cut each paper into a small square by tracing the coaster (don't forget to account for the edges).  Cut the corners like so:
After cutting, Mod Podge (or use the 1:1 water&glue mixture) the backside of the paper and the tile, put the picture down and brush it down with a spongy brush.  Fold down and glue the edges.  Rub out all the air bubbles with your finger.  Place them out to dry.  I placed mine on bottle caps since the paper folded over to the bottom a little.

Put a couple layers of the glue mixture and let dry.  I let them dry overnight, but I'm sure you can move on the the next step when they're dry to the touch.

Spray paint with clear gloss.  I sprayed probably 10-15 coats (every 30 minutes for most of the day).  That may have been a little overboard, but it turned out great.  I did one coat on the back, concentrating on the edges.

Add the little felt pads on the back.  I've also seen people using cork or felt blankets.  Let them dry overnight before using.

It is difficult to portray the glossiness of the final product, but it looks and feels similar to a tile.  Here are some pictures of the final products:

update :: I still love these and I always get compliments on them.  However, I do have the issue of the water from the condensation suction cupping the tile to glass cups... then falling off and making really loud noises.  I'm not really sure how to remedy the situation yet, but just an fyi.

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  1. Aren't you jealous we didn't make them the week before?! I want to make some more soon so we can have another date.


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