Getting Artsy

My sister, Celia, wanted to make some original art for her new apartment.  I sent her a few ideas and she settled on a doing a piece inspired by this post on Young House Love. (side note: I recently stumbled on this blog and I have been obsessively reading it. Sooo good!)  We basically used the same approach that Sherry used on Young House Love so check out their blog for more details.
Once we finished the top part, I taped off the top and painted the edges yellow to add a little pop... and introduce a new color to Celia's life.
passes Clove's inspection
Here is the best picture I have of the final:
We've since gone through and tidied up some of the lines.  I'll update the picture when she is moved in and this is put up.


Thanks for taking the time to comment. Have a golden day!

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