Pollock Inspired

A couple a weeks ago, I bought some blank canvases to make my own pieces.  I had a little design in mind, but it wasn't really turning out how I envisioned it.  I scrapped that idea and decided to do a piece inspired by Jackson Pollock.  Here are some Pollock and Pollock tribute pieces that I drew inspiration from:
Cathedral - Jackson Pollock
Pollock Tribute No. 2
Untitled No. 2
I painted the whole canvas with the leftover coral color from my balcony table project.  I settled on black and gold to drizzle on.  I mixed a little water with the paint so it was more liquidy and drizzled on the colors.  Make sure you put a big drop cloth down...  I only put a small one down but I still found little paint drips on the window, some stuff I had lying around the place, and even a couple of spots on Clove.

Here are some of the process pictures:

And the final (sorry, couldn't get the best picture):

This was so easy to make and only took about 1.5 hours.


  1. That's such a good idea! I have so many blank canvases. How did you splatter the paint?

    1. Thanks! I'm already planning another one. I mixed a little water and I kind of did a little flick with the paint brush... The motion was kind of like i was playing drums an inch or two above the canvas, but with a very tight wrist so the paint didn't get everywhere. It was a long process with trying to stay neat, but get contrast of sweeping motion and the little dot splatters.


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