24th Birthday

the only pic I have of all three of us : ]
I know I'm a little late on this, but a lot has come up since.  better late than never : ]

In January, I celebrated my 24th birthday... My birthday itself was really a day of disaster (sickness, work move, lack of sleep, etc), but it ended in a great dinner with my family, Ben, and Margaret... and lots of good presents.

Over the weekend, my whole family got together to celebrate my birthday, along with my cousin and aunt's birthdays.
I'm looking forward to so much in my 24th year.  Ben and I will be welcoming our baby girl into the world in May, we will be officially adding my sister's fiance to our family in September, and there are lots of positive changes and movement happening at work in the next 6 months.  These are just the big life events and changes that I know about so far.

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