DIY Silhouette Thank You Cards

I am so blessed that I had a weekend filled with baby showers, so I needed lots of thank you cards.  A while ago, I purchased these Thank You cards from Michaels (a set of 8 for $1 each).  I wanted to come up with a unique/artsy idea to make them a little more fun.

+Thank You cards (or card stock to make your own card)
+printed pictures of silhouette
+decorative paper
Total cost of each card: $0.13

1. take pictures of your silhouette
2. resize the image to fit onto the card
3. print off and trace onto paper or card (I used pages ripped out from National Geographic)
4. cut out silhouettes (exacto blade was easiest for me)
5. adhere silhouette to card

Here are some pics of the final cards:


  1. This is adorable! Love it! I just came across your blog by looking for other Cincinnati bloggers. I'm excited to read more. (:

  2. They look really cute all lined up like that!


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