Hanging Pictures

I printed out a bunch of black and white pictures to add them to the giant frame I shared here.  I originally wanted to put them in a grid pattern.
I didn't really like the look of the grid with the pattern, so I taped them together in a line and put them in the frame at different intervals.
Unfortunately, I do not like the gold painting with the black and white pictures.  I will be painting over this whenever I get around to it, but it is good enough for now (how I'm feeling about a lot of things in the apt).  I'm undecided about whether I will paint a plain color over the background, or just do the pattern in a different color.
I also printed out some 8x10" pictures of Cora and Clove to hang in the nursery area.  The picture of Clove was taken a couple of days before Cora was born.  We were enjoying our last days of puppy cuddles in the bed.  Cora's picture is one that I took for some birth announcements.  I will share some more of those pictures soon.
After hanging the pictures, I decided to hang up Jazz's castle painting.  Ben and I have decided this is the best little corner of our apartment.  I'm guessing because it is the only part that feels complete.
I have lived in six different apartments/houses in the last six years and I never really got into the habit of hanging stuff up onto the walls until this year.  It is amazing how much more this apartment feels like home by just hanging up a couple of pieces.


  1. It would be really cool if you found a different frame for the pictures and then hung up that frame in the kitchen to post colorful sticky notes and reminders. It would be a shame to paint over that gold, but I do agree that it's too much to have the design and pictures. Just trying to think of something new.

    Also, I love that picture of Clove. It's so adorable. And of course of Cora too! ;)

    1. That's a good idea! I think I'm going to wait until we're in our next apartment (Octoberish) until I decide what I'm going to do with it.

      Thank you!


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