Last weekend was another eventful weekend.  Saturday, I woke up early and went on a walk with Clove and Cora at Otto Armleder Park (they have a great dog park I mention here).  Isn't it beautiful?!
After the walk, I picked up my sister and we went to The Oakley Fancy Flea.  We really liked some of the vendors and I will definitely be saving up for the next one on the 27th.  I was in love with a giraffe piece by A Fluttered Collection (it's not on their Etsy site to link up) and I will definitely be contacting them when the funds come in.  It rained when we were towards the end so we were stuck in one of the tents for a little bit since I had the baby.  Thankfully, we were stuck in the tent of a very friendly vendor with some interesting jewelry and head pieces.
Sunday, I took Cora to Honey and Pop's for brunch and then to the pool for the first time.  I didn't have a hat for her so I borrowed one of my brother's handkerchiefs and tied it on her head.  Isn't she the cutest?  She loved the water so I am excited to have some more pool visits in the future.

... and now it is Monday and I'm back at work :/.  There are a lot of changes this week at work since we're entering a new fiscal year so that makes it less exciting to work.  However, I did get a chance to work on a project.  Here is a sneak peek:

Here's hoping this is a smooth and somewhat relaxing week with the holiday.

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  1. Cincinnati has so many cool flea markets. More than Cleveland. I only found the one.

    Also, I really like those pieces from that etsy shop!


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