DIY Party Bunting/Garland

I made a couple easy DIY decorations for the pre-wedding parties and I thought I'd share them.  For the bachelorette party, I made the pom garland and tissue scrap streamer.  For the shower, I made the photo bunting.  I forgot to take pictures when I was finished, so these are just some quick phone pictures.

These are pretty common.  I knew how to do the larger tissue poms, so I just made them smaller poms.

1. stack four sheets of tissue paper
2. cut to rectangles (about 6"x9")
3. start folding the shorter length accordion style
4. cut the ends to points and little grooves in the middle
5. use wire (I used twisty ties for some) or ribbon around the middle groove
6. tie to longer ribbon
7. 'fluff out' the pom

This is super easy and pretty quick.  I don't recall seeing these anywhere before, but I've seen similar things for sewing paper together for table runners.

1. cut tissue paper into squares
2. messily stack 2-3 squares and start sewing
3. feed tissue paper into the machine making sure to mix up the colors

I wanted to display old wedding photos of the parents and grandparents of the bride and groom so I thought this would be easy and cost effective.

1. turn photos black and white (I used iPhoto, but would have preferred Photoshop)
2. crop a far and close version of each
3. print of 4"x6" prints
4. cut off the ends of the photo to make a point (I just eyeballed it)
5. sew to ribbon 

I just eyeballed adding the photos to the ribbon.  I also folded the ribbon in half when sewing.  If I was making this again, I would just use a thinner ribbon and not fold over.

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