Christmas Traditions : Potato Sausage

My family is pretty big on traditions around Christmas time.  We already had this years sock party about two weeks ago (we exchange socks in a white elephant fashion) and we had our Potato Sausage making party on Saturday.  My grandpa used to make the potato sausage for the family every Christmas and we took over probably 10-15 years ago.  We headed over to my aunt and uncle's house and spent the morning making potato sausage.

1. Cuddle with baby - This is my Godmother (aka the potato sausage boss)
2. cut up a bunch of potatoes and onions (blurriest picture ever)
3. grind all of the potatoes and onions

4. mix in meat + spices (it is not the most appetizing looking food)

6. stuff sausages... don't forget to poke holes so they don't burst

7. Relax while sausages are boiling (this is where we usually have lunch... Skyline!)

8. Go home and take lots of naps

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  1. Those potato sausages sound delicious. My dad usually buys rice sausages from a family friend's business. SO delicious!


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