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Thanksgiving was great this year.  We spent time with both of our families and had a lot of fun.  Once Thanksgiving was over, we started our decorating for Christmas.  I purchased a 4' fake Christmas tree so it doesn't take up much room and there isn't much upkeep (I think we have our hands full with the baby and puppy).  Last year, I got some ornaments from my grandparent's collection and have a couple of my own that I hung up.
When I was younger, my siblings and I would spend an evening at my Grandparent's house helping them decorate their tree.  My grandma would unwrap each ornament and tell us a story of how that ornament came to be in her collection.  She knew exactly who gave her what ornament and we enjoyed hearing all of the stories even if it took us forever to decorate the tree.  After she passed away, we all wished we could remember all of the stories.  That leads me to wanting to document where I got some of mine so I will remember years from now.  Below are a couple of ornaments from my grandparent's collection that I don't remember a story for (or they don't really have one):

This ornament was made by my Godmother.  I think there is more to the story so I'll have to ask her. This was always one of my favorites to hang up so I'm glad I will get to look at it for many years to come.
I believe this bird clip ornament was one of my great grandmother's, but I may be mistaken... I'll have to follow up with one of my aunts on that one too.
My Godmother gave me a couple of these small ornaments last year to help me build my collection.
I bought these ornaments in a pack with glittery ornaments, plain ones, and ornaments that look like disco balls.   I doodled on the plain ornaments to give them a little something special.

I got this dala horse because I'm part Swedish.  I purchased it in Louisville so it also makes me think of our little day trip to go visit Margaret.
I plan on making a couple salt dough ornaments and another one of my DIY Ultrasound Ornaments with Cora's ultrasound since I never made one for our tree.  I will also be crafting some kind of angel or star topper for the tree.

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