Baby Steps

Saturday evening, Cora was crawling around and playing like she normally does.  Out of nowhere she stands up and starts walking!  We could not believe it.  The standing up unassisted was new so I started to praise her, but Ben waves me off and we waited.  Cora starts to take a step... then two... then three.  She took about 4 or 5 steps and then gracefully falls on her bottom.  We were beyond excited and Cora was beaming and really happy the rest of the night.  
I kind of figured I was going to be at work and miss her first steps so I was happy that I got to be there and we experienced it as a family.  The walking was also an exciting end to a great day of sleeping in, homemade breakfast, open window weather, reading, tv marathons, and being lazy in general. 
Sunday, Cora and I got up, hit up Target, then went to my parent's to do laundry.  My parents weren't home, but Cora got in some quality playtime with her Uncle Rob.  After laundry, we went over to my Godmother and Uncle's house to have lunch, go for a walk, and hang out.
My sister called me as we were on our way home and she asked us to meet up and check out a couple stores in Oakley.  We hit up Blue Manatee, King Arthurs, and Aglamesis.  I love the vibe in Blue Manatee.  It is such a cute children's bookstore and we will definitely be hitting up their story time.  The rest of the day was spent napping and playing.  
Long story short, best weekend ever!

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