Reupholstering The Painted Chair :: Part One

Remember this painted chair I painted two years ago?!
It looks beautiful in the after picture, but the fabric is a little 'crunchy', the dog gnawed on one of the legs, and it is in desperate need of a makeover.  In hindsight, I probably should have watered down the paint mix and painted thinner layers, but I also think some of the crackling texture is from constant use.  As a result of the chair being less than pleasing to the eye, I've decided to tackle my first reupholstery project (yikes!).  I probably should be picking something a little smaller... and without tufts.
Step One: Order most of the supplies so there is no backing out (i.e. fabric, piping, etc)

Step Two: Remove piping or gimp

Step Three: Start removing the staples (best when done during Netflix binge)

I left some staples in so the fabric stays put until we're ready for the next step.  I peeked underneath the fabric to make sure that most of the foam and batting can be reused, but also bought some extra batting for good measure.  Here are some pictures where I left off:

I will be sharing some blog post updates with all of the big steps, but you can also follow along on Instagram at #ReupholsteringThePaintedChair

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