Shortest Weekend Ever

I feel like this blog is turning into lots of weekend updates.  Working full-time and being a mom is hard.  I'm working on a couple small projects, but I'm still waiting on a huge chunk of time to work on reupholstering the painted chair and other painting stuff.  We don't have much space, so I can't let projects sit around half finished like I could pre-baby.  I've lost a little steam because I'm a little worn out with our current apartment situation and waiting to do a lot of things until we have our next place (hopefully a house).  We haven't made any steps towards a new place yet, but we're hoping to get the ball rolling in the next month or two.
Saturday morning, we woke up and decided to do our river walk from last Sunday.  The three of us walked along the river through Sawyer point and Serpentine wall.  People were setting up for the Cincinnati Pride event so that was fun to see different things going on.  The weather was perfect and there is a nice breeze off of the river so it never gets too hot.  Cora enjoyed mean-mugging at people
Ben headed to get us lunch and we'd meet at home.  Cora and I went on a walk through the Theodore M. Berry International Friendship park.  I've only ever walked about a quarter of a mile in (we took Celia's wedding pictures down there), but that park is so beautiful.  That park is amazing.  It weaves in and out and you have a river view almost the entire time.  Near the end, there is a building to have events and a little outdoor area with sculptures.  We were getting a little tired so we headed back at that point, but I think there is a little more to explore.
Due to all of the activities in the morning, Cora took a great nap and I got a little cleaning done.  Margaret came for a quick visit.  The rest of the day was spent being lazy around the house.
I tweaked something in my back on Saturday so most of Sunday was spent being lazy and stretching my back.  Cora just played around the living room like usual.  She had a nice long nap Sunday afternoon.  I put her to bed spooning like this...
... and checked in on her and she was completely spun around.  I love seeing her crazy sleep positions.
We spent the evening hanging out at my cousin's house.  This weekend felt entirely too short, but was filled with lots of together time and relaxation.

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