Memorial Day Weekend

It was a much needed three day weekend and I fully enjoyed every second of it.
After work Friday, I packed up my girls Cora and Cloverson and we headed to our favorite dog park.  Clove found the only mud puddle in the whole park and splashed through that, then proceeded to get in a 'fight' with a small very vocal dog.  Super awkward moment where I was trying to break up the dog fight, everyone stares at me, Cora is on my back in the carrier, and a bunch of dogs are running at the fight.  Apparently the other dog has gotten in lots of fights, but I still heard some judgmental crazy lady telling her dog how other dogs don't behave well as I walk-of-shamed out of there.  We hadn't spent enough time at the park so we walked along one of the paths until Cora fell asleep.
Saturday, I got lots of morning cuddles, reading, and playtime with Cora.  She loves putting the sheets over her face while I say "Wheeeeere is Coooraaaa?!" then she pulls the sheets down and laughs her head off.

I needed to do some stuff at the bank near my parents house, so I dropped Cora off at my parents while I ran my errands.  They love any time they can get with her and I love how fast I can get errands done when I don't have to put a baby in and out of her carseat.  We hit up Sam's club on the way home and spent the afternoon taking naps and playing.  Ben spent the afternoon grocery shopping and got everything we need for the week.  We had a great evening of movies and dinner (steak, mashed potatoes, and roasted veggies).
Sunday morning we woke up and spent a couple lazy hours around the house.  We got lunch ready, headed down to Theodore M Berry International Friendship park, and walked along the river through Sawyer point and Serpentine wall.  I love that walk for the view and people watching.  I didn't get any pictures, but the weather was amazing and all four of us had a great time.  

Cora and I spent the rest of the afternoon being lazy.  Ben headed to the gym then we met up for dinner.  Since I was near my parent's house, I swung by for them to get some Cora cuddles.
Monday, I went over to my parent's house (are you noticing a theme this weekend?) and did a couple loads of laundry.  I took Cora out on a walk through the woods near their house and around their neighborhood.  I happened upon this side table that was set out for the garbage man.  It was at our old house so I figured that was fate and and I should pick it up.  It just needs a nice coat of paint and it's good as new.

Sunday evening, we had a memorial day weekend cookout with family.  Great food, great company! We had Cora practicing her walking a little, but she is not a fan of grass.  She kept trying to crawl, but would only go on her tiptoes because she didn't like the feel of the grass touching her legs.

It was a nice relaxing weekend getting some walks in, having lots of family time, watching Cora practice walking, and being lazy around the house.   Hoping for a quick work week so we can do it all again this weekend.

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